Conquest (gametype)

Conquest is a gametype used mainly by EA and Digital Illusions CE's Battlefield franchise. To win a game of Conquest, the teams in the game (usually two) must capture pre-determined spawnpoints labelled by flags. Depending on the amount of team members in the capture radius of a flag, the capture timer will charge faster, thereby shortening the time of capture. While capturing, it is possible for the enemy to pause or slow down the capture. A 1:1 ratio of enemies and friendlies in the area will cause the capture to pause, otherwise the capture will slowly go to the team with more friendlies in the area. The speed or direction of capture will not change until members leave the area or are killed. Once these flags are captured, a player can then choose to spawn at the flag's location, at any of the invisible pre-determined spawn points within its general area.

There are four different types of Conquest game modes. They are:

Conquest: Assault

One army is specified as the attacker (pre-determined, depending on the map). The attacker's tickets (symbolizing reinforcements. If one team's tickets reach zero, their team loses) start off decreasing, so it forces the attackers to capture at least one flag to win. The attackers must capture all of their opponent's (the defenders) flags. Doing so will increase the rate at which the tickets reduce on the opposing team. Killing enemies will also reduce their tickets. The game is won when one team's tickets are reduced to zero, or the attacker manages to eliminate all of the defender's control points (no spawn points) and kill all remaining enemies.

Conquest: Head-On

Armies from both sides must capture and hold specific spawn points on the map. Each side has at least one pre-captured spawn point that may be uncapturable depending on the map. If one team capture more than half the total number of flags on a map, then the opponent's tickets will reduce on the opposing team. Killing enemies will also reduce their tickets. The game is won when the enemy's tickets are reduced to zero.

Conquest: Assault Lines

A new gamemode variant exclusive to the Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike booster pack. In this gamemode, the EU team begins with a single, uncapturable base, while the PAC team has all the remaining bases. However, the PAC home base cannot be captured unless the EU team controls all the other flags on the map, forcing more defense onto flags that have already been captured. If the PAC flag is captured, all players on the EU team receive an award. However, if the PAC manages to recapture a base, the round will continue. If they recapture their home base, the EU is eligible to receive the award again. All Assault Lines maps feature the new Northern Strike Infantry Fighting Vehicles.

Conquest: Double Assault Lines

A new twist on a twist. This gamemode has only been seen following the Battlefield 2142 1.40 patch on the Highway Tampa map. The only difference to Assault Lines is that both teams now have a base that is uncapturable until all the other flags are neutral. There has been no indication if there will be a new award for capturing the EU base like capturing the PAC base in Assault Lines.

Win conditions

If a team has more captured points than the opposing team, the opposing team's spawn tickets will start to decrease. A game ends when either:

  • The timelimit is reached (this is a server option), the team with the most tickets wins.
  • One team's ticket count reaches zero.
  • A team captures all flags and then kills all the remaining enemies. This cannot happen if the team has an uncapturable base (or 'Uncap').

Games currently in development or released that use a concept similar to Conquest:

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