[koh-nee, kuhn-ee]
coney or cony, name used for the rabbit (Oryctolagus) and for its fur; more often, for the pika, a small rodent found at high altitudes in both hemispheres; and for the hyrax, a small herbivorous, hoofed animal of Africa and SW Asia. The last is probably the coney referred to in the Bible (Ps. 104.18; Prov. 30.26).

Rock hyrax (Procavia capensis).

Any member of three genera of small, hoofed, quadruped, rodentlike mammals (order Hyracoidea) native to Africa and extreme South Asia. Hyraxes have a squat body, a short neck and tail, and short, slender legs. Adults are 12–20 in. (30–50 cm) long and weigh 8–11 lbs (4–5 kg). They are primarily herbivores. They are agile and climb well with the aid of special pads on their feet. Their relationship to ungulates is unclear. Seealso cony.

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Amusement area, southern Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. It was an island in the Atlantic Ocean until its creek silted up and it became part of Long Island. The first pavilion and bathhouse were erected in 1844, and it gained popularity with the coming of the subway in 1920. It has a 3.5-mi (5.6-km) boardwalk and an amusement park known for its roller coaster (the Cyclone). It is also the site of the New York Aquarium.

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Coney is an English word for a rabbit, or rabbit hair.

Coney may also refer to or recall several types of animals:


In the United States, Coney may refer to several foods:


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