Compuware Corporation is a software company with products aimed at the information technology (IT) departments of large businesses. The company's services also include testing, development and management software for programs running on mainframe computer and client-server systems.

Compuware customers include 70+% of Fortune 500 companies and 95% of the Fortune 100 companies, with more than 23,000 customers around the world. For 2005 the company revenues were over US$1.2 billion. They had 7,510 employees in 84 offices across 60 countries worldwide, as of March 2006. The CEO is Peter Karmanos, Jr..


Compuware is a contributing member of the Apdex Alliance.

Inception and Early Years

In 1973, Peter Karmanos, Jr., Thomas Thewes and Allen B. Cutting establish Compuware Corporation. Their vision is to help people do things with computers by providing their clients with professional technical services, allowing them to focus on their own core businesses. In 1977, Compuware introduces Abend-AID, its first software product. Designed to detect bugs and suggest corrective action in corporate mainframe systems, Abend-AID is still a standard in a market with more than 8,000 copies currently in use. The release of Abend-AID establishes a product strategy for Compuware, alleviating the peaks and valleys of revenue that occur in the services business. By 1978, Compuware opens its first remote office to service the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore area.


Compuware launches its File-AID product line. Using a request-driven interface, developers are able to use File-AID products to quickly and easily find, create, extract, transfer, fix, convert, load, edit, age and compare data. This allows developers to focus on developing and maintaining applications that meet business needs. Compuware also announces Playback, the company's first automated testing tool. Later, Compuware moves from its Southfield location to a new corporate headquarters in Farmington Hills, Michigan. The corporate headquarters will eventually contain a wellness center, sundry shop, day care and other amenities to attract and retain the best employees.

Compuware acquires its first European subsidiaries.


Throughout the 1990's, Compuware acquires several companies building their position in the marketplace. Companies such as Centura Software, XA Systems, EcoSystems Software, UNIFACE development environment, Hiperstation, Coronet, Direct Technology Limited, DRD Promark, Inc, NuMega, Data Processing Resources Corporation, Programart and the CACI Products Company. In 1992, Compuware completes its Initial Public Offering (IPO) of stock. In 1994, Compuware commences a secondary public offering and names Joseph A. Nathan President and Chief Operating Officer. In 1998, Compuware surpasses the $1 billion USD revenue mark. In 1999, Compuware employees number more than 15,000 and announces its intention to build a new headquarters building in the City of Detroit Campus Martius project.


Since the year 2000, Compuware has acquired e-business services firms BlairLake, Inc., Nomex, Inc., Covisint, LLC, Adlex, Inc., SteelTrace, and Proxima Technology’s Centauri Business Service Manager. In 2003, the company's 30th year of existence, Compuware completes construction on its new world headquarters building in downtown Detroit.


Compuware's headquarters are at One Campus Martius, Detroit, Michigan 48226.

Worldwide locations include:

Product offerings

  • Abend-AID- Application failure resolution (suite of products).
  • Compuware Application Reliability Solution (CARS) - Comprehensive quality assurance practices solution.
  • Changepoint - IT governance and management, Project Portfolio Management.
  • Covisint - Interoperability solutions and services.
  • DevPartner - Comprehensive application development, debugging and tuning (suite of products).
  • DriverStudio - Debugging and tuning for driver development. As of April 3, 2006 the formal retirement of the Compuware DriverStudio product family was issued. Maintenance support for these products is supposed to continue through March 31, 2007.
  • File-AID - Enterprise-wide data management (suite of products).
  • OptimalJ - Model-driven development for Java (suite of products).
  • Optimal Trace a structured business requirements gathering and management solution.
  • QACenter - Enterprise-wide automated application testing (suite of products).
  • Strobe - OS/390 and z/OS application performance measurement and analysis (suite of products).
  • TestPartner an automated functional and regression testing tool.
  • Uniface - Component-based development (Fourth-generation programming language).
  • Vantage - End-user monitoring, application performance management and business service management. (suite of products).
  • Xpediter - Interactive mainframe analysis and debugging.

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