Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe

Combat Flight Simulator 3: Battle for Europe(CFS3), is the latest installment of combat flight simulators from Microsoft Game Studios, released in 2002. The game is more or less a heavily updated version of the first (Combat Flight Simulator WWII Europe Series), offering a far wider range of options to the player. The game incorporates an active campaign mode, whereby the player may play for the USAAF, RAF or Luftwaffe in a campaign starting in March 1943. Based on the players performance in the European Theatre of Operations, (ETO) which spans from northernmost England to eastern Berlin, the player can alter the length and even outcome of the war. By avoiding the aviational errors of the Luftwaffe made in the past, and by targeting key targets in British production centres, it is even possible for the Germans to drive the allies back to London and force their surrender. It is also possible for the Allies to make a landing in Fortress Europe up to a year prior to the 6/6/44, or D-day.


On top of the new campaign mode, a pilot system has been introduced, allowing players to create their own pilots based on stock varieties and improve their skills such as visibility, G-tolerance and general health. The player may use their own pilot in the Quick Combat missions, or in pre-defined missions that are available.

Bomber aircraft

The addition of medium level bombers into the game was a welcome gesture, as it allowed pilots to experience what it is like to fly and operate a World War II bomber aircraft. All stations in the aircraft are operable, including all defensive gun positions. The available Bomber aircraft are:

Fighter aircraft

Many of the old classics return to the game, such as the Fw 190 series and the Bf-109 series, as well as the typical RAF and USAAF fighters. Perhaps the most exciting additions to the fighter class in the game are the German jet fighters. The Me-262 and Ho-229 (Go-229 in the game) both make an appearance, with many exotic variations of the Me-262 making an appearance, including the Me-262 1a/u4 high altitude bomber formation destroyer, armed with a single 50mm cannon (similar to that of the Ju-88 P-4). The aircraft are:

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