Christiansted, town (2000 pop. 2,637), chief city of St. Croix, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It is a shipping port for sugar and rum; tourism is the leading industry. Founded in 1733, Christiansted served briefly as capital of the Danish West Indies. Colonial development of the Virgin Islands in the 18th and 19th cent. is commemorated in the Christiansted National Historic Site (see National Parks and Monuments, table).

Christiansted is a town on Saint Croix, one of the main islands composing the United States Virgin Islands, an unincorporated territory of the United States. It is the former capital of the Danish West Indies and home to the Christiansted National Historic Site. Christiansted as of 2004, has a population of about 3,000, The 2000 census population of the town was 2,637; that of the larger sub-district was 2,865 Christiansted has preserved the 18th-century buildings of its Danish settlers. Solid stone buildings in pastel colors with bright red tile roofs line the cobblestone sidewalks, adding a touch of European charm. The town's symmetry, with streets running at right angles to the waterfront, makes it popular for walking tours. The shopping area centers on King and Company streets, adjacent to the Christiansted National Historic Site. The residential area inland from the shopping area, however, is run down. The town has several small hotels and many restaurants. Several scuba shops operate in the town, as the wharf has easy access to many diving attractions on the north side of the island.

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