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The Christian Broadcasting Network, or CBN, is a Christian television broadcasting network in the United States. Its headquarters and main studios are in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

CBN was founded by televangelist Pat Robertson in 1961 using a religious variety program format that has been successfully used in religious broadcasting ever since. One of the mainstays of the network is The 700 Club, the longest-running program in the variety format. Other programs include religious news programs such as CBN NewsWatch and Christian World News, and the talk-show Living the Life, hosted by 700 Club co-host Terry Meeuwsen and seen on ABC Family.

CBN manages Operation Blessing, an international relief and missionary effort, and has has international programming, producing local programs including Solusi in Indonesia and From Heart to Heart in Thailand; CBN India produces five weekly series. There are versions of the The 700 Club aimed at Latin American (Club 700 Hoy) and British audiences (The 700 Club With Paul and Fiona) CBN has broadcast programs in over 70 languages.

Originally a complete cable television network, which launched on April 29, 1977, CBN was later renamed The Family Channel, which was later sold to Fox and known as the " Fox Family Channel. Fox later sold it to Disney, which renamed it ABC Family. CBN is now a production company for The 700 Club, and the other syndicated shows CBN NewsWatch, Christian World News, Living the Life, and One Cubed. CBN and Regent University jointly produced the film First Landing. The current news director is Rob Allman.

Some of CBN's programs are also aired on Sky Angel, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Cornerstone Television, FamilyNet, LeSEA Broadcasting and Middle East Television (which was founded and owned by CBN, until sold in the early 2000s to LeSEA), all Evangelical Christian networks.

Former broadcast stations

At one time, CBN owned a number of broadcast television stations, including the following:

From 1969 to 1982 CBN owned a simulcast network of five FM radio stations in upstate New York originally set up in 1948 by a farming cooperative as the Rural Radio Network, known as CBN Northeast. This station group was split up following CBN's sale of the licenses to separate owners.

CBN Programs

  • CBN Newswatch, produced by CBN News, is a half-hour daily news program reporting national and international news from a conservative, Christian perspective. Broadcast nationally on several Christian cable and satellite outlets.
  • Christian World News is a half-hour weekly program, produced by CBN News.
  • The 700 Club is a news/magazine television program transmitted daily since 1966—one of the longest runs of any program—with Pat Robertson, Terry Meeuwsen, and Gordon Robertson. Broadcasts information and interviews to an average daily audience of one million viewers.
  • Club 700 Hoy is a half hour Spanish-language weekly television program broadcast throughout Latin America, and in the United States on the US Hispanic network, Azteca America. Produced in a magazine style format. It is a morning show about popular opinion on current issues, and claims to provide answers to life's problems. It presents interviews, informative features, and reality stories about people, places, and music.
  • Living the Life is a magazine-style talk show for women, with interviews, stories, and information on health, relationships, faith, parenting, home, gardening, cooking and other topics.
  • One Cubed International is a program about youth culture, action sports, and music videos. It claims a mission statement "to reach this generation to express the unconditional love and salvation that God freely offered to everyone in this world. In everything that is One Cubed, we want to bring glory to God, never compromising and never settling, and always striving to be used by Him to the best of our abilities".
  • One Cubed USA is a program about youth culture, action sports, and music videos.

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