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China Drive

China Drive is a radio show on China Radio International that generally talks about life in China in the English language. There are two versions of this program which have two sets of hosts depending on which one.

On Air Personalities

Morning Drive Hosts

Afternoon Drive Hosts

Format of the Program

  • Business News
  • Sports – generally about FIFA soccer ("football")
  • Topic of the day
  • Movie Review
  • Song of the day (one in Chinese and one in English)
  • Mr Science (weekly special)

Team of Reporters for China Drive

  • Li Dong (Michael Li)
  • Lu Chen
  • Liu Min
  • Wangjing
  • Shen Si
  • Ou Yang
  • Zhoujing

Former Team Members


The program was originally called "Real Time Beijing" and was originally hosted by Xiaohua and Trevor Metz. The program format was not that different other than the name change made the focus of the program for all of China rather than just Beijing. As of early 2006, the program was then renamed "China Drive".

Program Distribution


Sometimes the webcast of the morning edition still bears the code "rtb" ("Real Time Beijing"), while the usual code "cd" ("China Drive") is used, depending on who prepares the edit for webcast - often one of the presenters themselves.

In China

In the United States

In Europe

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