Cheng Kung class frigate

The Cheng Kung class frigates are based upon the U.S. Oliver Hazard Perry class and are currently serving in the Republic of China (Taiwan) Navy (ROCN). The frigates were produced under license by China Shipbuilding Corporation in Kaohsuing, Taiwan throughout the 1990s as part of the "Kuang Hua 1" project and served as the mainstay of the ROCN's theater air defense prior to the ROCN's acquisition of Keelung (Kidd) class destroyers in 2005.

Plans were made to upgrade the last ship of this class, the Tian Dan to utilize the Aegis combat system, but they were later abandoned due to technical problems and cost.


Planned upgrades

ROCS Cheng Kung (成功, FFG-1101) was refitted with 4 x Hsiung Feng III SSMs in early 2006. It is believed all other ships in the class will eventually receive the new missile, so they will end up with 4 x HF-2 and 4 x HF-3 missiles.


Ships in class
Name Laid down Launched Commissioned Home port Status
ROCS Cheng Kung (成功, FFG-1101) December 21, 1990 October 5, 1991 May 7, 1993 Tsoying Active
ROCS Cheng Ho (鄭和, FFG-1103) October 29, 1991 October 15, 1992 March 28, 1994 Tsoying Active
ROCS Chi Kuang (繼光, FFG-1105) October 30, 1992 October 3, 1993 March 4, 1995 Tsoying Active
ROCS Yueh Fei (岳飛, FFG-1106) September 5, 1993 August 28, 1994 February 26, 1996 Tsoying Active
ROCS Tzu I (子儀, FFG-1107) August 7, 1994 July 13, 1995 January 9, 1997 Tsoying Active
ROCS Pan Chao (班超, FFG-1108) July 25, 1995 July 3, 1997 December 16, 1997 Tsoying Active
ROCS Chang Chien (張騫, FFG-1109) December 4, 1995 May 14, 1997 December 1, 1998 Tsoying Active
ROCS Tian Dan (田單, FFG-1110) February 22, 2001 October 17, 2002 March 11, 2004 Tsoying Active

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