Chen Qingping

Chen Qingping or Ch'en Ch'ing-p'ing (陳清苹 1795 - 1868) was a 15th generation descendant and 7th generation master of the famed Chen Family and considered to be an influential martial artist and teacher of Taijiquan. It is said that because he was extremely poor, he was married to a woman from the Zhaobao village, only a few miles north east of the Chen Village (Chenjiagou); the home of the Chen Family famous for their martial arts. After moving to the Zhaobao Village it is said that he continued to develop the martial arts that were taught to him by a family elder Chen Youben 陳有本 (credited as the creator of the Chen Style Small Frame), by combining them with martial arts taught locally to his new home. Chen Qingping later became famous in his own right and taught many his newly developed style, then known as the New Frame, now known as Zhaobao Taijiquan. His main disciple He Zhaoyuan passed on this art which later developed into He family Taijiquan. Another disciple Li Jingyan, created the Hulei style Taijiquan by combining his art with other martial arts popular in the local area where he lived.

Chen Qingping, along with being credited with being a major influence in the development of the Zhaobao style, is also credited as one of the teachers of Wu Yuxiang who later developed the Wu/Hao style Taijiquan, sometimes referred to as the "Scholar style of Taijiquan". Wu Yuxiang is said to have been recommended to Chen Qingping by Wu Yuxiang's primary teacher, Yang Luchan.

Family tree

This family tree is not comprehensive.

Zhang Sanfeng*
circa 12th century
Wang Zongyue*
Chen Wangting
1600-1680 9th generation Chen
   |                                                                   |
Chen Changxing                                                     Chen Youben
1771-1853 14th generation Chen                                     circa 1800s 14th generation Chen
Chen Old Frame                                                     Chen New Frame
   |                                                                   |
Yang Lu-ch'an                                                      Chen Qingping
1799-1872                                                          1795-1868
YANG STYLE                                                         Chen Small Frame, Zhao Bao Frame
   |                                                                   |
   +---------------------------------+-----------------------------+   |
   |                                 |                             |   |
Yang Pan-hou                      Yang Chien-hou                   Wu Yu-hsiang
1837-1892                         1839-1917                        1812-1880
Yang Small Frame                     |                             WU/HAO STYLE
   |                                 +-----------------+                      |
   |                                 |                 |                      |
Wu Ch'uan-yü                      Yang Shao-hou     Yang Ch'eng-fu          Li I-yü
1834-1902                         1862-1930         1883-1936               1832-1892
   |                              Yang Small Frame  Yang Big Frame            |
Wu Chien-ch'üan                                        |                    Hao Wei-chen
1870-1942                                           Yang Shou-chung         1849-1920
WU STYLE                                            1910-1985                 |
108 Form                                                                      |
   |                                                                        Sun Lu-t'ang
Wu Kung-i                                                                   1861-1932
1900-1970                                                                   SUN STYLE
   |                                                                          |
Wu Ta-kuei                                                                  Sun Hsing-i
1923-1970                                                                   1891-1929

Notes to Family tree table

Names denoted by an asterisk are legendary or semilegendary figures in the lineage, which means their involvement in the lineage, while accepted by most of the major schools, isn't independently verifiable from known historical records.


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