Charles Band

Charles Robert Band (b. December 27, 1951 in Los Angeles, California) is a director, writer, and producer of horror films. He is the son of director-producer Albert Band, and brother of the composer Richard Band. With his former wife Meda, he has two children, Alex Band, the vocalist for band The Calling, and Taryn Band. He has two sons with his former wife Debra Dion, Harlan and Zalman. Charles' great grandfather was the artist Max Band.

One of the few non-horror films he worked on was the Prehysteria trilogy, which were made by his family-oriented company Moonbeam Entertainment.

His most famous films are the Puppet Master films made by his Full Moon Features company. Before he had Full Moon Features, his earlier (and now defunct) company Empire Pictures made films like Ghoulies and Re-Animator.

List Of Full Moon Pictures Films

Puppet Master Series



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