Chantiers Aéro-Maritimes de la Seine

Chantiers Aéro-Maritimes de la Seine, most usually known as CAMS was a French manufacturer of flying boats, founded in Saint-Ouen in November 1920 by Lawrence Santoni. Initially, the company built Società Idrovolanti Alta Italia (SIAI) designs under licence, but in 1922 it lured Raffaele Conflenti away from SIAI to become head designer, after which it generated its own aircraft designs. CAMS' most noteworthy products were flying boat designs that saw widespread and long-time use in the French Navy.

CAMS was purchased and absorbed by the French aircraft manufacturing firm Potez in 1933.


  • CAMS 30 (1922) - single-engine, two-seat biplane flying boat used for training
  • CAMS 30T (1924) - a single-engine, four-seat biplane flying boat derived from the CAMS 30. It was used in 1924 to set a speed record for passenger-carrying flying boats
  • CAMS 31 (1922) - prototype flying boat
  • CAMS 33B (1923) - two-engine, four-seat push-pull biplane reconnaissance flying boat
  • CAMS 33T (1923) - two-engine, nine-seat push-pull biplane personnel transport flying boat
  • CAMS 37 (1926) - single-engine, two-seat biplane push-pull trainer/utility flying boat
  • CAMS 51 (1926) - two-engine, six-seat push-pull biplane transport floatplane
  • CAMS 53 (1928) - two-engine, six-seat push-pull biplane transport floatplane
  • CAMS 55 (1928) - two-engine, five-seat push-pull biplane transport floatplane


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