Change Advisory Board

A Change Advisory Board (CAB) has the role of reviewing and accepting changes for an environment. This is defined as part of the Change Control Process within ITIL.

A key part of managing changes in IT is to have a change advisory board (CAB). A CAB offers multiple perspectives necessary to ensure proper decision making. For example, a decision made solely by IT may fail to recognize the concerns of accounting. The CAB is tasked with reviewing and prioritizing requested changes, monitoring the change process and providing managerial feedback. This article discusses the role and composition of a CAB.

A CAB is an integral part of a defined change management process designed to balance the need for change with the need to minimize inherent risks. For example, the CAB is responsible for oversight of all changes in the production environment. As such, it has requests coming in from management, customers, users and IT. Plus the changes may involve hardware, software, configuration settings, patches, etc.

The CAB can also be used outside of the IT world as the Change Process at a high level can be applied to any system.

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