Chainsaw Kittens

The Chainsaw Kittens were a part of the American alternative rock scene, drawing from pop, glam rock, punk, New Wave and British Invasion music. Their lyrics tackled such varied topics as religion, the Stonewall Riots, Federico Fellini, Oklahoma, Erik Menendez, and Oscar Wilde.

Based in Norman, Oklahoma, the band was active from 1989 to 2000. The group underwent several personnel changes, but always maintained the presence of principal singer/songwriter Tyson Meade.

For various reasons, primary among them a pronounced lack of major label support, the Kittens saw little commercial success. However, they have since gained recognition in such sources as Allmusic and the Trouser Press as one of the best groups of their era.

The Chainsaw Kittens are featured on the soundtrack for the 2007 horror movie, Bug, from Lions Gate. The band also reunited for a performance at the Norman Music Festival in Norman, Oklahoma on April 26, 2008.




  • High in High School (Mammoth, 1992)
  • Angel on the Range (Mammoth, 1993)
  • Candy for You (Scratchie, 1996)


  • "Mother (of the Ancient Birth)" b/w "Death-Sex Rattletrap" (Mammoth Records, 1990, MR 0019, Blue Vinyl)
  • "Lazy Little Dove" b/w "Extinction Stomp" (Echostatic/Spacebaby, 1995)
  • "Grandaddy's Candy" b/w "Bones in My Teeth" (Scratchie, 1996)


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