Cement chemist notation

Cement chemist notation (CCN) was developed to simplify the formulas which cement chemists use on a daily basis. It is a sort of "short hand" way of writing the chemical formula of oxides of calcium, silicon, and various metals. Below is a list of all of the abbreviations used:

CCN Actual Formula
S SiO2
A Al2O3
F Fe2O3
T TiO2
N Na2O
bar mathrm{C} CO2
bar mathrm{S} SO3

These oxides are used to build more complex compounds such as:

C3S 3 CaO • SiO2 Tricalcium silicate
C2S 2 CaO • SiO2 Dicalcium silicate
C3A 3 CaO • Al2O3 Tricalcium aluminate
C4AF 4 CaO • Al2O3•Fe2O3 Tetracalcium alumino ferrite

Hydration products are more complicated, because many of the products have nearly the same formula and some are solid-solutions with overlapping formula. Some examples are below:

C-S-H 2(CaO) • SiO2 • 0.9-1.25(H2O) and/or
CaO • SiO2 • 1.1(H2O) and/or
0.8-1.5(CaO) • SiO2 • 1.0-2.5(H2O) and more!
C-A-H This is even more complex than C-S-H
AFt C3Abar mathrm{S}3H30-32
AFm C2Abar mathrm{S}H12

The hyphens in C-S-H indicate a phase of variable composition, whilst CSH indicates a phase CaSiO4H2




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