Cell (geometry)

In geometry, a cell is a three-dimensional element that is part of a higher-dimensional object.

In polytopes

A cell is a three-dimensional polyhedron element that is part of the boundary of a higher-dimensional polytope, such as a polychoron (4-polytope) or honeycomb (3-space tessellation).

For example, a cubic honeycomb is made of cubic cells, with 4 cubes on each edge. A tesseract is also made of cubic cells, but only has 3 cubes on each edge.

In polychoron names

Regular convex polychora are sometimes named by how many cells they contain, just like n-gon and n-hedron are used as a shorthand for polygonal and polyhedral names. For example, the tesseract can also be called an octachoron or an 8-cell because it contains 8 cubic cells.

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