Celanova is a township, capital of the County by the same name, of 6,488 inhabitants located in the south central part of the province of Ourense in the Autonomous Community of Galicia. The township (municipio) has 64.3 km². The Arnoia River crosses the southern limits of the township. The urban area has 3,324 inhabitants. The provincial capital Ourense is located 23 km away on highway N-540 (Ourense to Portugal via Lindoso).

The Monastery of San Salvador de Celanova is the most important building in a well-preserved historical center. It was founded by St. Rudesind (San Rosendo) in 936. The nave is considered the most perfect Galician baroque church. In the garden of the monastery can be found the pre-Romanesque chapel of San Miguel, one of the oldest in Spain.

The town preserves ancient streets, with several houses that display coats of arms. One of these mansions was the birthplace of the great poet of the Galician Rexurdimento (Rebirth), Manuel Curros Enríquez.

Nearby can be found the castro (pre-Roman citadel) of Castromao. The visitor can still see the circular dwellings and defensive walls built by the Romans.

A few kilometres from the town lies the village of Vilanova dos Infantes with a medieval tower from the fourteenth century. It belonged to the Counts of Monterrei. Close to this perfectly restored village is the sanctuary of A Virxe do Cristal, in which can be seen a strange transparent stone, perhaps a meteorite, containing what some believe to be the image of the Virgin Mary.

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