Cazuela (/ka'swela/) is the name of a South American (Southern Cone) Spanish-originated soup. It's a mid-thick rich flavoured stock obtained from cooking several kinds of meats and vegetables mixed together.

Chilean cazuelas

The most common types of Cazuelas in Chile are the chicken or beef, but there's also another types made from pork and turkey.

The typical Cazuela in one dish contains: a piece of meat (it can be a piece of rib or several pieces of bones, in the case of beef, or a leg of chicken), a potato, a piece of pumpkin, and the stock obtained from boiling this. Complementary to these components can be: cooked rice (in the stock), small-sized noodles, green beans, celery, sliced carrots, baby onions, garlic, baby cabbage, among others. In summer the cazuela is accompanied by a big yellow piece of sweetcorn, cooked apart or in the same stock. The cazuela is typically eaten by consuming the liquid stock first, then eating the meat and larger vegetables (e.g. potatoes, large piece of squash or carrot) last. However, the meat and larger vegetables can also be sliced up within the liquid stock and can be eaten simultaneously with the liquid stock.

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