Cassam Uteem

Cassam Uteem (born 22 March 1941) is a Mauritian political figure. A Muslim, he served as the President of Mauritius from 30 June 1992 to 15 February 2002.

Uteem is the longest serving President of Mauritius, serving for 9 years. He was widely regarded as the most popular political figure of the country during the 1990s.

He resigned on 15 February 2002, after refusing to sign a controversial anti-terrorism bill into law. His term would have ended in June 2002. He was replaced as President by Angidi Chettiar.

Uteem is a member of the Club of Madrid. He was a candidate for the position of Chairperson of the African Union Commission in early 2008, but withdrew prior to the vote. Uteem is a Member of the Global Leadership Foundation, an organization which works to promote good governance around the world.


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