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Cass Daley

Cass Daley (born Catherine Dailey July 17, 1915, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - died March 22, 1975, Hollywood, California) was an American radio and movie actress. The daughter of a streetcar conductor, Daley started to perform at nightclubs and on the radio as a band vocalist in the 1940s.

She endeared movie audiences during the 1940s and 1950s, most notably in The Fleet's In (1942) with Dorothy Lamour and Betty Hutton and Crazy House (1943) with Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson. She later retired and made occasional appearances in the 1970s. She died in a freak accident when she fell over on a glass table that slashed her neck and she bled to death.

For her work on radio, she received a "Star" on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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