Case Closed: The Fourteenth Target

Case Closed: the Fourteenth Target is the second of the Detective Conan movies. It was released in Japanese theaters on April 18th, 1998. The English version was released on DVD onNovember 20, 2007, by Funimation. The movie grossed ¥1.05 billion in Japan.

In this movie, Rachel (Ran) has a nightmare about her mother dying and starts to regain specific memories about the event. Meanwhile, people who have some relation to "The Great" Richard Moore (Mori Kogoro) have been attacked. All of the victims' names correspond to a playing card. These people were targeted in order, from King down to Ace. The police conclude that the attacker wants revenge on Richard Moore, but as these injuries become murders, Conan becomes involved a race to predict who the next victim will be. He soon discoverers something quite different from what the police suspected, while learning about an incident from 10 years ago.


The movie opens with a dream sequence in which Rachel sees her mother get shot. This is later revealed to be a suppressed memory of when her mother was shot by her father in to save Rachel's life. The Moores, Eva Kadan (Rachel’s mother) and Conan go out to eat dinner at a fancy restaurant, and meet up with an old acquaintance of the family. He is a wine taster, one of the best in the world.

The next day Inspector Megure is jogging in the park, when suddenly he is attacked with a crossbow. Near the where the incident occurred, a strange looking knife is found. Conan thinks he has seen this knife somewhere before. It is revealed that this "knife" is made from paper mache. This injures him and places him in the hospital. Richard, Conan, and Rachel then go visit Megure, and Megure refuses to remove his hat (this is a running gag in the series). This is where Jimmy/Conan learns Megure's first name, Joseph. Once they leave, Eva Kadan receives a box of chocolates delivered to her at her office. She mistakenly believes they were sent by Richard, and eats them. She then passes out. It is discovered that the chocolates were poisoned. Megure, still recovering, joins the rest of the group in Eva's hospital room. Attached to her favorite brand of chocolate was a paper mache flower. Once again, Conan finds the clue familiar. It seems the crimes are connected.

The next day Dr. Agasa is attacked with a crossbow, by a motorist and Conan gives chase. Eventually the motorist gets away. Conan finds the clue the motorist left behind. This time, it is a paper mache sceptre. He concludes all the "clues" are from a standard deck of regular playing cards. They are each the items a "face card" is holding. The king is holding a knife, the queen a flower, and the Jack a sceptre. Each victim is represented by a regular playing card. The order of the attacks starts from the highest card (King of Spade) and goes down in order. Victims of face cards "clues" are objects that are being held in the playing card. Victims of non-face cards are represented by the playing card itself. It is revealed that Jimmy Kudo is the Ace of Spades. Inspector Megure, and Richard Moore believe the killer/attacker is a card dealer turned criminal they both helped to arrest in the past(the same person who held Richard's wife hostage). They believe that he wants revenge against the two, and to harm/kill all of Richard's friends and acquaintances. Richard mistakenly believes the next victim (number 10) is an acquaintance he knows from a bar. The police surround the building at sundown and guard it all night. Conan helps the police realize that she may not be the 10th target, because another of Richard's friend Hiroki Tsuji (the Pro Golfer) is ranked 10th best golfer in the world. The police decide to split into two teams. Half stay with the women from the bar, and Megure, Conan, Rachel, Richard, and a few police officers go to protect the golfer. Tsuji has been planning on flying his helicopter for weeks, and refuses to cancel his flight. So Richard and Megure decide to ride with him in order to protect him (and Conan sneaks aboard). As they take off of him he puts eye drops in his eyes for his allergies. The killer replaced Atropine Eye Drops with the victim’s allergy eye drops. This dilated his eyes, made him very sensitive to sunlight, and eventually unable to fly the helicopter. As they spiral out of control, Conan's quick thinking saves their lives. He helps make a safe crash landing in a nearby schoolyard. Once they have landed they run for cover, as the helicopter's fuel line sparks and then explodes. No one is seriously injured, but Conan gets a few cuts and bruises. However due to the Atropine Eye Drops, Tsuji cannot participate in the upcoming golfing event, as the effects of atropine last up to 2 weeks.

From Conan's thinking, they realize that perhaps Richard's friends are not the only targets, but also people who know him. Richard recently had a meeting with a famous Hotel Tycoon. He is opening his ninth and newest Hotel next month. The police, Richard, Megure, Conan, and Rachel head to the hotel. There they meet up with several people who claim to have a meeting with the Hotel Tycoon shortly. One of these people happens to be the wine taster who they met earlier in the story. The others are Nana Osana, Eimei Shishido, Peter Ford, and Minoru Nishina. They all head into the hotel, to try and warn the Tycoon of his impending doom. While underground in the hotel (where they were said to wait for the Hotel Tycoon) Conan theorizes that everyone there except himself (since the killer does not know Conan is Jimmy) and Rachel are all targets. He also wonders if Richard himself is a target, or if he will be spared.

They wait for the Hotel Tycoon for a long time until it becomes apparent that something is wrong. They decided to split up and search the hotel. The wine taster almost gets killed by a hidden trap, but Conan saves his life. While searching the building they discover that they are trapped in the lower level of the hotel. The Hotel Tycoon shows up dead, in the aquarium. The nine of spades card is on his overcoat. The next victim is Osanai, the model, and she begins becomes distressed. While the rest of the people trapped decide to try and find a way out, she remains in the lobby with Conan and Rachel. Then there is a power outage, and she gets stabbed in the neck. The killer found her from her glow-in-the-dark nail polish. While running away, the murderer knocks over a can of soda Conan was drinking. Conan theorizes that whoever has the stain on his pants is the murderer. As the lights come back on Conan see who has the stain on their pants, but the camera never shows this. Conan decides to experiment to find out the motive of the killer. He gives everyone mineral water, and they all compliment on its taste.

Suddenly, the building explodes. It is obvious that whoever trapped them there intended for them all to die in the explosion. Instead, water from the ocean comes rushing in, almost drowning everyone. Rachel gets trapped underwater, but Conan saves her. Because of the explosion there is now a way for them to leave. They all decide to escape via the hole in the glass that leads out into the bay. Conan knows the killer is among them, and they must be careful.

Once they all get to land, Joseph Meguire's stitches start to bleed and he is in a lot of pain. A member of the group is knocked out and Kevin Simms (the wine taster) decides to give him Mouth to mouth resuscitation, but Conan puts Richard to sleep with his watch, then he pretends to be Richard. He tells Inspector Santos to give him mouth to mouth instead. Conan (still pretending to be Richard) then claims Kevin Simms is the murderer. He explains how he did all this, and Simms makes a run for it, with the sleepy Rachel as hostage. Richard wakes up, and Conan, Santos, and Megure give chase. He leads them to the roof of the collapsing hotel. On the roof a helicopter has been called in, and hovers above. Santos is the only one with a gun, and is not good at aiming. Richard pleads with him to use the gun, but Santos says he cannot do that, Santos instead throws the gun to Simms, so he will save the hostage, but the gun doesn't make it all the way there. Conan runs and picks up the gun, after Simms tells him to do so. Instead of giving the gun to Simms, he shoots Rachel in the leg, making it very difficult for him to use the hostage. He drops Rachel, and Richard and Sanos run and tackle him. Then the building starts to collapse, and Simms almost falls off, but they save him. The helicopter lands and takes them all to safety. Simms is arrested for his crimes.

Playing Card Symbols

During the course of the film multiple characters are represented by a certain number and a playing cards (in a standard deck). The playing cards are all spades, the suit that represents death. The victim’s name, clue left behind, and the connection with the number are all displayed below in the chart. Since the English adaption has changed names of the characters, the corresponding relationships between the character and the numbers were changed accordingly.

Card Number/Name Victim’s Name (English version) Connection to the Number (English version) Victim’s Name (Japanese version) Connection to the Number (Japanese version) Clue Left Behind
Joker J.T Morono His nickmane in the casino is "joker." Same as in English
Number 13/King Of Spades Joseph Meguire His name has 13 letters First name is "thirteen". The King's Knife/Dagger
Number 12/The Queen of Spades Eva Kadan Her first name means "Queen" in other languages. 妃 means "Queen" in Japanese. The Queen's Flower
Number 11/Jack of Spades Hiroshi Agasa He has 11 patents on inventions. 士 is a combination of the kanji of ten (十) and one (一). The Jack's Royal Sceptre
False Number 10 Tammy Diez Her last name is the number ten in Spanish.

Her name contains the kanji for 10 (十) No clue exists
Number 10 Henry Tish, pro golfer He is crrently ranked as the 10th best Golfer in the world 辻 contains the kanji for 10 (十). The Number 10 in a normal set of Playing Cards
Number Nine Chris Ashton, developer
(The Hotel Tycoon)
His holdings include nine important buildings in the city. 旭 contains the kanji for "nine" (九). The Nine of Spades in a normal set of playing cards
Number Eight Kevin Simms, sommelier Attended a culinary school with an eight-year program 公 contains the kanji for eight (八) The Eight of Spades in a normal set of playing cards
Number Seven Nina Oliver, model Has modeled since she was seven Nana is a Japanese reading of "seven." The Seven of Spades in a normal set of Playing Cards
Number Six Emilio Cantore, photographer He has six children. 宍 contains the kanji of "six" (六). The Six of Spades in a normal set of Playing Cards
Number Five Richard Moore His last name has five letters 小五郎 contains the kanji for five (五). The Five of Spades in a normal set of Playing Cards
Number Four Peter Ford His last name has four letters. Last name (Ford) has phonetic similarity to "four." The Four of Spades in a normal set of Playing Cards
Number Three Inspector Santos He is the third child of three siblings, each of which were born three years apart. 任三郎 contains the kanji for "three" (三). The Three of Spades in a normal set of Playing Cards
Number Two Mason Norfolk, food writer Wrote two books 仁 contains the kanji for "two" (二). The Two of Spades in a normal set of Playing Cards
Number One/Ace of Spades Jimmy Kudo He is the number one detective in Japan,
Also number one in other things
新一 contains the kanji for "one" (一). The Ace of Spades in a set of playing cards

The Kiss

When Conan tries to save Rachel (Ran) under the water, his right foot gets stuck in the car's wheel-well, the same car Rachel is stuck under. When Rachel gains consciousness, she saves Conan after he loses breath by giving her breath to him; Rachel becomes unconscious again. Conan is still able to free her and Richard takes her to the surface.

The Gun Shot

When the criminal takes Rachel as a hostage, he asks Conan to bring the gun on the floor to the criminal. Conan suddenly shoots Rachel's leg instead. Rachel realizes that when her father shot her mother's leg when she was taken hostage ten years prior, it was so that her mother would be free from the hands of the criminal. After all, an injured hostage is useless.

English adaption

FUNimation's English dub of The Fourteenth Target was released on November 20, 2007. Due to the americanization of the majority of the character's names, most of explanations for names have been changed. The ending of this movie as well was changed to an endless loop of police cars with their lights from the final scene with the credits displayed over it.

Theme Song

  • Japanese :

"Shoujo no Koro ni Madotta Mitai ni (少女の頃に戻ったみたいに)"

Lyrics by:Izumi Sakai / Music by:Aika Ohno/Arranged by : Daisuke Ikeda / Performed by:Zard

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