Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall

Cartoon Network Universe: FusionFall is the working title for a massively multiplayer online game currently in production. It is being developed by Cartoon Network and Grigon Entertainment and will contain features related to Cartoon Network programs. There will be free game play but Cartoon Network isn't announcing all the details just yet. Details about cost will be revealed at a later date. It was scheduled to be released in Summer 2008, but since April 19, 2008 they have changed the opening to Fall of 2008.


Planet Fusion has traveled throughout the galaxy for millennia in which devastated countless planets and civilizations, and the next target will be the planet Earth, specifically the Cartoon Network universe. Now the player (which is an original avatar determined by the user) must subscribe and with a few helping hands, that force can be destroyed.

Characters from various Cartoon Network shows appear in the game, redesigned in an anime style by Mario F. Piedra. In addition, small, miniaturized versions of Cartoon Network characters are collected along the way and travel with players, providing powers and abilities to assist during missions. There will also be a manga tie-in, co-written by Matthew Schwartz and Piedra. Soon in Fall, people found out that Cartoonnetwork partnered with two other companies. One company was making the game browserbased, and the other company made a new security system. This made Fusion Fall delayed to the end of 2008, December. The offical date is yet to be announced.


Character Show Nano NPC
Dexter Dexter's Laboratory Confirmed Confirmed
Dee Dee Unknown Confirmed
Mandark Confirmed Confirmed
Computer/ Computress Confirmed Unknown
Professor Utonium The Powerpuff Girls Confirmed Unknown
Him Confirmed Confirmed
Princess Confirmed Confirmed
Blossom Confirmed Confirmed
Bubbles Confirmed Confirmed
Buttercup Confirmed Confirmed
Mojo Jojo Confirmed Confirmed
Eddy Ed, Edd n Eddy Confirmed Confirmed
Edd Confirmed Confirmed
Ed Unknown Confirmed
Jack Samurai Jack Confirmed Confirmed
Ben Ben 10: Alien Force Unknown Confirmed
Swampfire Confirmed Confirmed
Humongousaur Confirmed Unknown
Kevin Unknown Confirmed
Fourarms Ben 10 Confirmed Unknown
Hex Unknown Confirmed
Numbuh Two Codename: Kids Next Door Confirmed Confirmed
Numbuh Three Unknown Confirmed
Numbuh Five Confirmed Confirmed
Numbuh One Confirmed Unknown
Eduardo Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends Confirmed Confirmed
Coco Unknown Confirmed
Mac Confirmed Confirmed
Frankie Unknown Confirmed
Bloo Confirmed Confirmed
Mandy The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Confirmed Unknown
Billy Unknown Confirmed
Grim Confirmed Unknown
Hoss Delgado Unknown Confirmed
Courage Courage the Cowardly Dog Confirmed Confirmed


Megas XLR will make an appearence in the game, as revealed through a screenshot


At the 2007 Comic-Con, Cartoon Network conducted a panel about the game. Many of the game's elements will be familiar to those who have previously played online role playing games (MMORPGs), such as World of Warcraft. Clan/guild play is an element in the game, designated by the term "clubs". The game also has large playable environments, though in order to aim the game at a younger audience, travel time is relatively short where playable content is concerned. Instead, adventures will be available almost anywhere in-game. Elements of class play will be included and player versus player action is being considered. However, while this is a PC game, play will function more like a console game. Another news that was recently announced was that this was going to be BROWSER BASED. So there will be no big patches and no game client download. People who might've lost faith into this game should not be afraid. This is because they partnered up with a company called Unity and that are amazing at 3D grapical work. This can be proved by going to their offical website.


Once a design is established for an Avatar, it can have its clothes and weapon changed. Whether anything else can be changed is still unknown. Confirmed weapons are swords, guns, guitars, and projectiles.

A key part of the game are Nanos, or miniaturized versions of the CN characters. These characters are collectible and hover next to the player when called. Certain Nano's give certain powers, for instance Mojo Jojo helps a player run quickly, while Mandark makes a player jump higher. When on a mission a player may only take 3 Nanos, but when on a team, Nano's powers can be shared. Other Nano powers may help heal, one such is Eduardo, and some may contribute in combat, like Fourarms. It was also recently known that Planet Fusion made Doppelgangers of the cartoonnetwork characters,and they were named 'Fusions.' To obtain a nano, you must defeat the doppelgangers of the character. This was later proven at the fanmade trailer Fusionfaller1 made. He seems to have been acepted into the beta test, which he posted in his fan made trailer. It was seen him fighting a doppelganger of Number two of KND and edwardo of fosters home of imaginary friends. Fusion Fall will NOT include classes but have its own unique way. Instead the player will follow a cirtain NPCS (Ben 10, Samurai Jack, etc)and will do missions to improve thier skills. For example, you might follow Samurai Jack to become a swordsman, but this is yet to be comfirmed.

Missions are assigned by different CN characters located in the middle of the cardboard fortress, which was the shows' protagonists response to the invasion. Characters seen here may vary, but those that are confirmed are Mac, Ben, and Dexter, though one of the Ed's houses were seen inside the base. Some missions might be to "deslime" an area, or rid it of the goo from Planet Fusion. Boss battles will be included somewhere within the game. Whether Ben at his original age will be replaced by his older version hasn't been said.


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