Carrier (software)

Carrier (originally Funpidgin) is an open source instant messaging application which runs on many different operating systems, with packages for various Linux distributions and a Windows installer.

Carrier contains all the features of Pidgin, the application it has forked from. This includes the ability to connect to multiple different networks simultaneously, support for Pidgin plugins, tabbed IM windows, file transfers, and more, along with options not available in Pidgin.


Carrier started as a fork of the Pidgin instant messenger software. The fork was the result of disagreements between certain Pidgin users and the developers over what features and options to include.

Carrier has been set up with the intention of having a strong focus on their particular users, primarily using their suggestions or requests to determine the features that get included.

The first release of Carrier (then named Funpidgin) was on March 12, 2008, mirroring Pidgin's version number of 2.4.0. The current version, 2.5.0, also matches the version of Pidgin that it was based upon.

Features exclusive to Carrier

  • Entry area manual sizing - the feature that caused the forking
  • Various interface tweaks

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