The Canadian Stage Company is the largest contemporary theatre company in Canada. It was founded in 1987 from the merger of the Toronto Free Theatre and Centre Stage, but dates back some 50 years. The productions involve not only local talent, but also international contribution. The company officially changed its name to CanStage in 2000. Then on May 31 2007 the company reinstated its original name, The Canadian Stage Company, "in a tribute to its 20 year history".

My Name Is Rachel Corrie

In December 2006, CanStage cancelled their production of My Name Is Rachel Corrie. CanStage's creative producer Martin Bragg said, "It didn't seem as powerful on the stage as it did on the page." Variety magazine reported that CanStage board member Jack Rose admitted never having read nor seen the script and that he said, "My view was it would provoke a negative reaction in the Jewish community." Philanthropist Bluma Appel, after whom CanStage's flagship theatre is named, said, "I told them I would react very badly to a play that was offensive to Jews."

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