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Campus SuperStar is a spin-off of Project SuperStar, a popular singing talent-search competition in Singapore. The contestants comprise students from secondary schools, junior colleges and Institutes of Technical Education (ITEs). This differs from Project Superstar, where contestants must be over 18 to participate.

To date, there have been 2 seasons of Campus SuperStar. Each season featured 20 contestants who would compete in succeeding episodes and eliminated until the final four to compete in the Grand Final, where only 1 would be crowned Campus SuperStar. Each episode had two segments. The first segment was the performance segment where contestants performed in the Mediacorp studio and were judged. This would be broadcast live from 8pm to 9pm on Channel U every Monday. Public voting through telepoll would start from time of broadcast, and would extend till 10pm. The second segment, the result show, would be pre-recorded slightly after 10pm, where scores from the judges and from the voting by members of the public through SMS and telepoll would combine to determine the contestant(s) eliminated that night. The result show would then be broadcast on the same channel at 11.30pm.

The contestants are given a score from each judge based on their singing techniques, body language, and presentation. The scores were between 1 and 10, with 5 considered a passing score. In Season 1, judges' scores constituted 30% of the overall score, while the other 70% came from the public's SMS and call-in votes. This percentage allocation was reversed for Season 2, but was reverted back to the original ratios starting from the semi-final rounds.

Early Auditions

There would be 3 rounds of audition. The 1st audition is a public one where a panel of judges would shortlist those who registered. Registration for the 1st audition was done on a first-come, first-auditioned basis, and those who were at the back of the queue would be scheduled for audition the next day in order of the number tags. Participants shortlisted from the 1st audition would then be eligible for the 2nd audition in the Mediacorp complex. Potential superstars would enter the 3rd audition held at the same venue, where the final 20 contestants (10 male and 10 female) would be handpicked by the judges to compete on the broadcast show.

For Season 1, the 1st audition was held at Bishan Junction 8, Level 3, Top Of The 8, from November 19 to November 22 2005. The publicity of auditions on mainstream media started as early as October 2005.

For Season 2, it was held at Toa Payoh HDB Hub, from March 16 to March 19 2007.

Season 1

Season 1 was broadcast from January 2 to April 3 2006.

The judges were:

  • Foong Wai See, Programme Director of MediaCorp radio station Y.E.S 93.3FM
  • Cavin Soh, singer/actor, Part Time DJ of MediaCorp radio station Y.E.S 93.3FM
  • Peter Tan, musician & singer

The hosts were Mediacorp Artiste Dasmond Koh, and two Project SuperStars, Hong Junyang and Sugianto.

Ng Chee Yang became the 1st Campus Superstar when he edged out Teresa with a higher overall score. The ratio was 61% to 39%.

The table below shows the 20 contestants who competed.

Contestant Age
(in 2006)
School Chinese Name Number Order Of Elimination
Ng Chee Yang 16 Hwa Chong Institution 黄智阳 Overall Champion
Male Champion
Teresa Tseng 15 CHIJ Katong Convent 曾咏霖 Female Champion
Eliminated 2 April 2006
Renfred Ng 15 Peicai Secondary School 黄业伦 Eliminated 2 April 2006
Geraldine See 17 ITE College West
(Clementi Campus) (ITE CW-CT)
史心莹 Eliminated 2 April 2006
Revived 20 February 2006
Eliminated 6 February 2006
Adriano Huang 17 Temasek Secondary School 黄俊辉 Eliminated 13 March 2006
Revived 20 February 2006
Eliminated 13 February 2006
Clara Tan 15 Dunman High School 陈慧伶 Eliminated 13 March 2006
Hong Yu Yang 16 Manjusri Secondary School 洪裕阳 Eliminated 6 March 2006
Ng Imm Khim 13 East Spring Secondary School 黄韵琴 Eliminated 6 March 2006
Chen Yi Yuan 15 Presbyterian High School 陈义元 Eliminated 27 February 2006
Yvonne Chua 16 Victoria Junior College 蔡嘉航 Eliminated 27 February 2006
Ng Yang Ce 15 Jurong Secondary School 黄扬策 Eliminated 13 February 2006
Lee Yin Wei 15 Raffles Institution 李尹维 Eliminated 6 February 2006
Sheena Goh 17 Saint Andrew's Junior College 吴佩思 Eliminated 23 January 2006
Samuel Tan 17 Nanyang Junior College 陈志龙 Eliminated 23 January 2006
Shermaine Goh 17 Tampines Junior College 吴佩音 Eliminated 16 January 2006
Kenneth Lim 18 ITE College West
(Clementi Campus) (ITE CW-CT)
林沛荣 Eliminated 16 January 2006
Koh Bee Kwee 16 Temasek Junior College 高美贵 Eliminated 9 January 2006
Alejandro Hou 15 Bendemeer Secondary School 侯卓荣 Eliminated 9 January 2006
Choo Siew Ping 15 Guangyang Secondary School 朱秀苹 Eliminated 2 January 2006
Ho Chee Mun 17 Saint Andrew's Junior College 何梓文 Eliminated 2 January 2006

Season 2

Season 2 was broadcast from May 28 to August 25 2007.

The judges were:

Dasmond Koh, who hosted the first season, returned to host with former DJ Pornsak Prajakwit. Mediacorp Artiste Fiona Xie appeared as a guest host only during the auditions in this season. MediaCorp artiste Lin Cui Fang and Shen Yun Ying took up the role as a 'revolving' host covering outdoor events.

Shawn Tok, 13, who was the youngest in Season 2, edged out Keely, the Female Champion with a higher overall score during the Grand Final and was crowned the 2nd Campus SuperStar. The ratio was 58% to 42%

The table below shows the 20 contestants who competed.

Contestant Age School Chinese Name Number Order of Elimination
Shawn Tok 13 Loyang Secondary School 卓轩正 4631 Overall Champion
Male Champion
Revived 16 July 2007
Eliminated 25 June 2007
Keely Wee 16 Victoria Junior College 阮诗凯 1582 Female Champion
Eliminated 25 August 2007
Koh Zheng Ning 15 Raffles Girls' School (Secondary) 许政宁 3018 Eliminated 25 August 2007
Benjamin Hum 15 Saint Hilda's Secondary School 范平庚 6085 Eliminated 25 August 2007
Marcus Lee 15 Raffles Institution 李俊纬 3707 Eliminated 13 August 2007
Seah Hui Xian 14 CHIJ Katong Convent 谢慧娴 4072 Eliminated 13 August 2007
Revived 16 July 2007
Eliminated 2 July 2007
Ngeow Zi Jie 18 Gan Eng Seng School 饶梓杰 3711 Eliminated 6 August 2007
Joanna Teo 15 CHIJ Secondary (Toa Payoh) 张芮恩 6462 Eliminated 6 August 2007
He Guo Hao 15 Queensway Secondary School 许国豪 6119 Eliminated 30 July 2007
Agnes Low 16 Chung Cheng High School (Yishun) 卢慷倚 2927 Eliminated 23 July 2007
Wan Choon Keat 15 Presbyterian High School 温俊杰 3718 Eliminated 9 July 2007
Elaine Ng 17-18 Innova Junior College 黄意凌 5971 Eliminated 9 July 2007
Goh Fu Kuan 16-17 Mayflower Secondary School 吴福宽 2803 Eliminated 2 July 2007
Teri Yeo 15 Saint Anthony's Canossian Secondary School 杨丽莹 4964 Eliminated 25 June 2007
Javin They 17 Nanyang Junior College 郑全威 3708 Eliminated 18 June 2007
Lin Jia Jun 16 Raffles Girls' School (Secondary) 林佳君 3971 Eliminated 18 June 2007
Wilson Thong 15-16 Catholic High School (Singapore) 唐伟盛 4647 Eliminated 11 June 2007
Chang Yu-hsuan 16 Hwa Chong International School 张宇璇 5674 Eliminated 11 June 2007
Xu Bin 18 Woodlands Ring Secondary School 徐彬 3674 Eliminated 4 June 2007
Lua Jia Qi 15 Jurong Secondary School 赖嘉琪 1562 Eliminated 4 June 2007

Season 3

Campus SuperStar Season 3 will be installed in December 2008. Auditions will start a few months prior to the broadcast show.

The host for this season will be Felicia Chin, joining her will be season 1 host Pornsak.


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