Camillo Baldi

Camillo Baldi also known as Camillus Baldus and Camillo Baldo. In 1572 he received two degrees in philosophy and medicine. He was a Doctor of Medicine and Philosophy and also Professor of Theoretical Medicine. He taught at the Studio Publico di Bologna for sixty years. His essay on graphology Trattato Come De Una Lettera Missiva Si Conoscano La Natura E Qualità Dello Scrittore. Raccolta Dagli Scritti Del Sig Camillo Baldi Citadino. Bolognese, E Dato Alle Stampe Da Gio Francesco Grillenzoni represents the first detailed investigation of the subject, and was published in 1622 when Baldi was over 70 years old. It has appeared in Italian, Latin, French and English. The original is in Italy.


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