Callum McKay

Callum McKay is a fictional character in the TVNZ soap opera Shortland Street. He is a doctor and the current CEO of Shortland Street Hospital.

Callum is portrayed by actor Peter Mochrie.


Callum was originally from Australia, and moved to New Zealand in 2006 with his two teenage children, Hunter and Sophie, to join his wife Justine in Ferndale

Callum was in charge of the Primary Care Clinic in Shortland Street Hospital with TK Samuels. In 2007 he learnt of an affair his wife, Justine had with Chris Warner and they briefly separated, but they have survived worse than this in the past and eventually reconciled and enjoying life together with their energetic teens, Hunter and Sophie.

Callum has high ambitions and went power-crazy when acting CEO of the hospital while Chris was away. DHB appointed auditor Martha Riley known as Riley made recommendations to the DHB leading to Chris Warner's removal as CEO. Hone Ropata was appointed as CEO after inititally helping Riley with the audit. Hone turned down the role of CEO leading to Callum's appointment and implementing Riley's suggestions.

Callum had a brief affair with Riley in the couple of weeks before she left, and was caught red handed when his son Hunter came home to find Riley sauntering down the hallway from his parents bedroom. Justine learnt of the affair at Riley's leaving dinner when the DHB auditor broke down and announced her affections for Callum in front of everyone. Despite being upset, his wife took into consideration her own previous affair and they stayed together.

Callum tried winning over his staff, and in doing so locked horns with Craig Valentine, the head of E.D. Callum showed apparent favouritism to his wife, Justine in the funding of her department, over the new surgical unit being developed by Chris Warner. The staff referred Callum and his wife as Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.

Scott Spear

Callum close connections to Scott-Spears disturbed his wife as she and Craig Valentine were concerned about diluted drugs provided by the company. Callum is wary of Scott-Spears. Intruders broke into the McKay home were disturbed by Sophie and Callum was worried for his family's safety. On 11 September Callum and the family learnt that Justine had faked her death and was given a new identity and moved to Australia. The events leading to this happened when Justine found a bomb attached to a mobile phone and she managed to swap to sim cards with her own phone and later blew up the car to give the illusion she had been killed. Callum and the children must for the time-being live a lie that Justine died in the car explosion. Callum concerned about Chris Warner's inquirying about recent events and warned him to be careful for son's Harry safe inadvertently referred to Justine in the present tense and then told Chris that she was very much alive under witness protection.


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