CRUNCH (programming block)

CRUNCH is a Saturday morning programming block dedicated to animation on the Canadian television channel YTV. CRUNCH premiered on September 9, 2006, replacing The Zone Summer Weekends hosted by Sugar and Carlos and "Vortex" hosted by Paula. From its begining until mid september 2008 it was hosted by Ajay. Starting October 4, 2008 Andy (not to be confused with Andy from Prank Patrol) is the host.

The theme of the new programming block is a new holiday called "day 6" where there is no homework, chores or hobbies, such as music classes which could interrupt a kid's day during the hours of 7 a.m. to 12 p.m. (the hours that the CRUNCH programming block airs). YTV promoted the new programming block by inviting kids to download a kit which included door hangers informing others that day 6 was on and no chores and homework were being completed. There were also flyers which contained many of the programming block's slogans and a large notebook poster.

The hosted portions of CRUNCH were different than other programming blocks. Rather than having a host talk for 5 minutes after a show, it's divided into two parts: one during the second commercial break, and one during the credits. Crunch also uses special on-screen bugs. The Zone followed it's footsteps on September 3rd, 2007.

Two new shows on CRUNCH that premiered at the beginning of January 2008 are called Urban Vermin, and Transformers: Animated.


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  • Ajay signs off each broadcast with a tribute to Warner Brother's Porky Pig by saying "That's all!"
  • The voice of "Spike" the talking sea Anemone on Crunch is an impersonation of famous actor, Christopher Walken.
    • Previous to having the name "Spike" one of the options for the name of the character was "Sea Walkin"
  • Ajay began tapping segments for his new hosting position on SPACE Channels "The Circuit" even before completing shooting for YTV.

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