The Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information (commonly CISTI) began as the library of the National Research Council of Canada (NRC), the leading agency for research and development in Canada. This library took on the role of national science library unofficially in 1957 and became the official National Science Library in 1967. The name CISTI came in 1974 to reflect the wide scope of services provided and the increasing role in the development of electronic information products and services for the science and technology community.

CISTI's headquarters in Ottawa houses one of the world's most comprehensive collections of publications in science, technology, engineering and medicine. NRC Research Press is CISTI's publishing arm, with 16 international journals of research as well as books (monographs) and conference proceedings.

Over 300 staff serve thousands of researchers and libraries by responding to over one million requests for information per year. CISTI is well known as a document delivery service provider, and as Canada's largest publisher of scientific journals.

CISTI can provide documents by Secure Desktop Delivery (SDD) , a Digital Rights Management system, similar but not identical to the Secure electronic delivery service provided by the British Library.

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