Butzbach (ˈbʊt͡sbaχ) is a town in the Wetteraukreis district in Hesse, Germany. It is located approx. 16 km south of Gießen and 35 km north of Frankfurt am Main.

Butzbach was the site of the 2007 Hessentag, which took place June 1 to June 10, a yearly Hesse-wide festive event showcasing various parts of the state.

The "Landgrafenschloss" ("landgraves' castle"), used by the United States Army until 1990, is now utilized by the city council. The so called "Roman Way Housing" of the United States Army with more than 1000 apartments was abandonded in October 2007 and is now empty. The town's market place is enclosed by timber framing. The "Schrenzer" hill overlooks the town and the country north of Frankfurt, called Wetterau.

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