Brian Goodwin

Brian Carey Goodwin (1931) is a Canadian mathematician and a biologist, a Professor Emeritus at the Open University and a key founder of a branch of mathematical biology known as theoretical biology that focuses on the methods of mathematics and physics to understand processes in biology.

Brian Goodwin was born in Montreal, Canada in 1931. He studied at McGill University and then emigrated to the UK where he became full professor at the Open University until retirement in 1992. Currently he teaches at the Schumacher College in Devon, UK. Goodwin has advocated a unification of science and the humanities. He is a founding member of the Santa Fe Institute in New Mexico.

Goodwins expertise is in morphogenesis and evolution, where he has developed a critical evaluation of the role of natural selection. He is an advocate of a biology explained from the perspective of complex systems.

According to Goodwin, the emergence of shape and form in organisms is not sufficiently explained by genetics: “genes are responsible for determining which molecules an organism can produce,” but “the molecular composition of organisms does not, in general, determine their form.” Goodwin emphasizes that the forms that organisms can develop are limited by structural laws.



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