Brian Fargo

Brian Fargo is a computer game developer and notable game industry figure.

In 1984 Fargo founded Interplay Productions, where he worked on most of Interplay's early games (e.g. Bard's Tale and Wasteland). He was the company's CEO until 2002, when majority control of Interplay was acquired by Titus Interactive, and he left the company.

In 2003 Fargo founded a new company, InXile Entertainment, and acquired the rights to Wasteland from EA. In October 2004, InXile released The Bard's Tale for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. A version for Microsoft Windows was released in early 2005.


  • The character Faran Brygo in the game Wasteland (which he produced) is a reference to (and, except for the substitution of y for i, an anagram of) Brian Fargo.
  • In the Hub sector of the Interplay game "Fallout", there is an establishment by the name of "Far Go Traders", whom your character may work for.
  • On the podcast 1up Yours on June 6 2007 at the 80 minute mark, Garnett Lee hinted that "The creator of Wasteland" was working on a "spiritual successor" to Fallout 1 & 2.


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