Borlänge Airport

Dala Airport or Borlänge Airport is situated southeast of Borlänge, a city in the Dalarna province of Sweden. It is also 20 minutes from the city of Falun.


The airfield was built during the 2nd World War and was modernized in 1961. In mid 1960 the first civil airlines arrived at Dala Airport. 1972 saw the new terminal building finished and Dala Airport AB took over the airport. The airfield is still owned by the Swedish military. The all-time-high number of passengers was 210.000 in 1989. In 2006 there was about 33.000 passengers, declining from previous year. The reason for the decline is faster trains (not much faster) to Stockholm (the most important connection), which also stopped at Arlanda from year 1999. Many passengers Borlänge-Arlanda continue on other flights, and the train is a good alternative from Borlänge. The road to Stockholm has been improved but not much. Higher cost awareness among companies has contributed also.

Ground transportation

Car rental

The following car rental firms have offices at the airport:


  • Bus 601 with Dalatrafiken takes you to downtown Borlänge.

Airport parking

  • There is parking at the airport. One is free and is unlocked during the nights and it is free. The other one is locked during the nights and costs 25 SEK/night.


Airport opening hours for air traffic:

  • Monday - Friday 07:00 - 15:00, Saturday and Sunday closed

Businesses and services:

  • Restaurants:
    • Pennes Mat

Airlines and destinations


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