Bond 875

The Bond 875 was a small three-wheeler motor car, made by Bond Cars Ltd in Preston, United Kingdom from 1965-70. There was also a van version from 1967, known as the Ranger.

Announced in 1963, the 875 used a four-cylinder 875 cc four-stroke engine from the Rootes group. Crucially for the dynamics of the vehicle, this was rear-mounted, unlike in most other British three-wheelers of the era. It was the same basic engine as used in the Hillman Imp, but thanks to the fact that the 875 had a fibreglass body along with aluminium doors, and weighed less than , the performance was good — better than the Imp. The engine was the low-compression version (compression ratio 8:1) as used in the commercial versions of the Imp – the Hillman Husky and Commer Imp van and was able to run on "2-star" low-octane petrol, which was cheaper than varieties used by larger and more highly tuned engines.

As well as the engine, the car used the transmission, rear suspension and wheels from the Imp.

The car's light weight enabled it to qualify for motorcycle road tax rates, and be driven on a motorcycle licence but in order to keep the weight down the interior trim and fittings were minimal.

Racing driver John Surtees unofficially broke the saloon car lap record at Brands Hatch, managing to attain .


A van version, the Ranger, was introduced in 1967.

Styling changes, revised seats, rectangular headlamps and a larger bonnet opening heralded the "Mark II" of 1968.

Specification and performance

  • Capacity: 875 cc
  • Weight: <
  • 0-60 mph: 16 seconds (car), 14 seconds (van)
  • Top speed: (car), (van)
  • Fuel economy: -
  • Tyres: Michelin X radial
  • Price new: £500


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