Blue October

Blue October is a rock band originally from Houston, Texas. The band was formed in 1995 and currently consists of Justin Furstenfeld (lead vocals,rhythm guitar), Jeremy Furstenfeld (drums, percussion), Ryan Delahoussaye (violin/viola, mandolin, piano, backing vocals), C.B. Hudson (lead guitar,backing vocals) and Matt Noveskey (bass guitar, backing vocals).


Blue October was formed by lead singer/songwriter/guitarist Justin Furstenfeld, his brother Jeremy and multi-instrumentalist Ryan Delahoussaye. They were later joined by guitarist/vocalist C.B. Hudson and bassist Matt Noveskey. The band's name reportedly was inspired by Justin's brief stint in a hospital in October.

The Answers

Managed by Justin and Jeremy's parents under the name "RoDan Entertainment," Blue October released their first album, The Answers, in 1998, a well-received debut which sold over 5,000 copies in Houston alone. Due to a fan-based connection with ABC's KTRK-TV (Channel 13), Blue October was able to schedule an early-morning news performance — the band's first live television performance.

Consent to Treatment

Blue October caught the attention of the major record labels, and in 1999 was signed to Universal Records for the release of their second album, Consent to Treatment. For a variety of reasons, the band was dropped by Universal Records in 2002.

History For Sale

Ironically, the band's third album re-released on Universal due to larger than expected album sales Brando Records — this is largely a response to the control the label placed on the group during the Consent to Treatment production process.

Blue October received a larger audience as their single "Calling You", featured on the American Wedding movie soundtrack, began to get radio play in Dallas. The band was invited to play at a large radio produced annual concert known as Edgefest.

Later, hits off of History for Sale included "Inner Glow" and "Razorblade". However, "Calling You" remained the group's largest mainstream success until their 2006 single, "Hate Me", which peaked at number two on Billboard's Modern Rock Tracks chart. The music video for "Hate Me" debuted on VH1, later making a splash at No. 13 on VH1's user-controlled video countdown show VSpot Top 20 Countdown. It eventually peaked at No. 12 for the week ending on May 5, 2006.

Foiled + Foiled For the Last Time

The band made their network television premiere on April 14, 2006, performing "Hate Me", the first single from Foiled on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. They appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on June 28, 2006. Blue October was also on Conan O'Brien in 2006. On November 14, 2006 Blue October opened for the Rolling Stones in Boise, Idaho. "Into the Ocean", the second single from the album, was released on July 17, 2006. The music video for the song debuted at number three on VH1's VSpot Top 20 Countdown during the show's final week of 2006 and reached the number one spot in mid-February 2007.

The band's latest album, entitled Foiled for the last time, was released on September 25, 2007. The latest single from the band is "She's My Ride Home", which they performed on Late Night with Conan O'Brien on April 25, 2007. The bands next album will be entitled "Approaching Normal", and it will be released in March 2009. As a result of reaching a new audience that Blue October has found with its Foiled album, Blue October has recently undergone an expansion of its tour locations. Originally restricted to Texas and parts of the Midwest and Southwest United States, Blue October is now touring major locations covering the entire continental United States, in addition to adding locations in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, England, Germany and the Netherlands to their schedule.

A new version of Foiled was released along with a video for "Calling You" which aired on VH1 in late 2007. Blue October continues to tour. Songs such as "Hate Me", "Into the Ocean" and "Calling You [Remix]" (still charting in early 2008) can still be heard on the radio well into 2008.

In August of 2008, Justin featured in a sold out 4-city tour with Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight series'', whose books were somewhat inspired by the music of Blue October.


Some of the band's melancholic songs exhibit vocals similar to those of Peter Gabriel or Roger Daltrey. On their more upbeat songs, they have been likened to U2 and sometimes, Pink Floyd, Phil Collins, Genesis, and The Fray.



Studio albums

Live albums

Compilations and soundtracks

  • Gravity Games 2000: Summer Sounds Vol. 1 (2000) - The single "James" is the twelfth track on this sampler album.
  • Local Licks Live 13: (2002) - Blue October contributes the live track "Ugly Side" (from the then forthcoming History for Sale album) to this compilation released through Austin radio station KLBJ-FM. Proceeds from the sale of the album benefited Austin Victims of Domestic Violence Emergency Fund.
  • American Wedding (2003) - The single "Calling You" is the fifteenth track on this soundtrack album. In the movie American Wedding, "Calling You" can be heard somewhat muted in a bar scene playing on a jukebox. Many fans consider the inclusion of "Calling You" in the soundtrack to be the beginning of Blue October's move towards a bigger national airplay and recognition.
  • Live from the Planet Archives: Volume 1 (2004) - A compilation disc released in stores in the Kansas City / Lawrence area by the radio station 97.3 KZPL "The Planet." KZPL recorded these shows and put together two separate albums of the best performances from such notable artists as Ben Harper, The Jayhawks, Melissa Ethridge and Maroon 5. The disc includes an acoustic version of Blue October's "Calling You."
  • Stormaid: The Concert (2005) - A concert CD from the September 18, 2005 Hurricane Benefit concert held at the Gypsy Tea Room in Dallas. It was produced by Disc Live and the local 102.1 KDGE radio station. It is a two CD set which includes songs by Texas artists Zayra Alvarez, South FM, The Burden Brothers and others who played the concert. The Blue October tracks "Calling You" and "Inner Glow" are included. Proceeds from the sale of the album go to the Red Cross.
  • Now That's What I Call Music! 20 (2005) - The live performance of "18th Floor Balcony" from the Argue with a Tree concert DVD appeared on a limited edition promotional DVD included in a run of 20,000 copies.
  • Saw III: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (2006) - Blue October's "Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek" is track seven on this soundtrack for the horror movie Saw III.
  • The 97X Green Room: Volume 2 (2006) - A live acoustic version of Blue October's single "Hate Me" is track three on this compilation produced by Tampa Radio station WSUN.
  • Big Shiny Tunes 11 (2006) - A compilation disc released by the Canadian television station MuchMusic. The single "Hate Me" is the 8th track on this album which was certified platinum in Canada on February 1, 2007.
  • Moonlight (2007) - The single "Calling You" was used in the eleventh episode of this show (Love Lasts Forever). Also, "Into the Ocean" was used in the fourteenth episode, "Click". There is not a soundtrack CD with the songs on it yet.
  • The Soprano's (2007) - The single "Into The Ocean" was used in one the episodes of the final season of the Soprano's. AJ Soprano was listening to the song in his room just as his sister Meadow entered.


Year Song U.S. Hot 100 U.S. Modern Rock U.S. Main- stream Rock U.S. Pop 100 Hot Digital Songs Album
2000 "Breakfast After 10" - - - - - Consent to Treatment
2000 "HRSA" - - - - - Consent to Treatment
2000 "James" - - - - - Consent to Treatment
2003 "Calling You" - - - - - History for Sale
2006 "Hate Me" 31 2 21 24 20 Foiled
2006 "Into the Ocean" 53 20 - 47 42 Foiled
2007 "She's My Ride Home" - - - - - Foiled
2007 "Calling You" (Remix) 114 - - 82 - Foiled for the Last Time


  • Hate Me Acoustic was a promotional CD included with the Foiled family pack.
  • Foiled Again was a 3-track promotional CD given away to customers who purchased Foiled at Best Buy stores in 2006. It includes the acoustic version of "Hate Me" as well as live acoustic versions of "Razorblade" and "Into the Ocean".
  • "Foiled for the Last Time" is a promotional package featuring Foiled and the Live at Stubb's CD.



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id:AWAT value:rgb(0.5,0.5,1) legend:Argue_with_a_Tree...
id:FOIL     value:rgb(0.4,0.4,1) legend:Foiled
id:LAS     value:rgb(0.2,0.2,1) legend:Foiled_for_the_Last_Time

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bar:Justin       text:"Justin Furstenfeld"
bar:Ryan      text:"Ryan Delahoussaye"
bar:Jeremy text:"Jeremy Furstenfeld"
bar:Liz     text:"Liz Mullally"
bar:Matt     text:"Matt Noveskey"
bar:Brant text:"Brant Coulter"
bar:CB       text:"C.B. Hudson"
bar:Dwayne      text:"Dwayne Casey"
bar:Piper     text:"Piper Skih"
bar:Julian    text:"Julian Mandrake"

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bar:Justin text:"voc,_guitar" from:2007 till:end color:official
bar:Matt text:"bass" from:1999 till:2002 color:official
bar:Matt text:"bass" from:2005 till:end color:official
bar:Dwayne text:"bass" from:2002 till:2003 color:official
bar:Piper text:"bass" from:2003 till:2005 color:official
bar:Julian text:"guitar" from:2006 till:2007 color:touring
bar:Brant text:"guitar" from:2000 till:2001 color:official
bar:CB text:"guitar" from:2001 till:end color:official
bar:Liz text:"bass" from:1995 till:1999 color:official
bar:Jeremy text:"drums" from:1995 till:end color:official
bar:Ryan text:"violin" from:1995 till:end color:official

bar:Justin from:1997 till:1998 $ANS
bar:Justin from:1999 till:2000 $C2T
bar:Justin from:2002 till:2003 $H4S
bar:Justin from:2004 till:2005 $AWAT
bar:Justin from:2005 till:2006 $FOIL
bar:Justin from:2007 till:2008 $LAS
bar:Ryan from:1997 till:1998 $ANS
bar:Ryan from:1999 till:2000 $C2T
bar:Ryan from:2002 till:2003 $H4S
bar:Ryan from:2004 till:2005 $AWAT
bar:Ryan from:2005 till:2006 $FOIL
bar:Ryan from:2007 till:2008 $LAS
bar:Jeremy from:1997 till:1998 $ANS
bar:Jeremy from:1999 till:2000 $C2T
bar:Jeremy from:2002 till:2003 $H4S
bar:Jeremy from:2004 till:2005 $AWAT
bar:Jeremy from:2005 till:2006 $FOIL
bar:Jeremy from:2007 till:2008 $LAS
bar:Liz from:1997 till:1998 $ANS
bar:Liz from:1999 till:2000 $C2T
bar:Liz from:2002 till:2003 $H4S
bar:Liz from:2004 till:2005 $AWAT
bar:Liz from:2005 till:2006 $FOIL
bar:Liz from:2007 till:2008 $LAS
bar:Matt from:1997 till:1998 $ANS
bar:Matt from:1999 till:2000 $C2T
bar:Matt from:2002 till:2003 $H4S
bar:Matt from:2004 till:2005 $AWAT
bar:Matt from:2005 till:2006 $FOIL
bar:Matt from:2007 till:2008 $LAS
bar:Brant from:1997 till:1998 $ANS
bar:Brant from:1999 till:2000 $C2T
bar:Brant from:2002 till:2003 $H4S
bar:Brant from:2004 till:2005 $AWAT
bar:Brant from:2005 till:2006 $FOIL
bar:Brant from:2007 till:2008 $LAS
bar:CB from:1997 till:1998 $ANS
bar:CB from:1999 till:2000 $C2T
bar:CB from:2002 till:2003 $H4S
bar:CB from:2004 till:2005 $AWAT
bar:CB from:2005 till:2006 $FOIL
bar:CB from:2007 till:2008 $LAS
bar:Dwayne from:1997 till:1998 $ANS
bar:Dwayne from:1999 till:2000 $C2T
bar:Dwayne from:2002 till:2003 $H4S
bar:Dwayne from:2004 till:2005 $AWAT
bar:Dwayne from:2005 till:2006 $FOIL
bar:Dwayne from:2007 till:2008 $LAS
bar:Piper from:1997 till:1998 $ANS
bar:Piper from:1999 till:2000 $C2T
bar:Piper from:2002 till:2003 $H4S
bar:Piper from:2004 till:2005 $AWAT
bar:Piper from:2005 till:2006 $FOIL
bar:Piper from:2007 till:2008 $LAS
bar:Julian from:1997 till:1998 $ANS
bar:Julian from:1999 till:2000 $C2T
bar:Julian from:2002 till:2003 $H4S
bar:Julian from:2004 till:2005 $AWAT
bar:Julian from:2005 till:2006 $FOIL
bar:Julian from:2007 till:2008 $LAS

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