The hip-hop artist Bless or GOD BLESS (born April 14th, 1982, as Elijah Torres) comes from Brooklyn, New York.

Music career

This Brooklyn bred emcee, whom one should not confuse with any amateur or glam-rap artist, specializes in city-street blues. Seasoned hip-hop critics recognize the power in his street poetry; and the fans of street music find no fault in his delivery.

Through guest appearances with other recording artists such as QB's Little's, Saigon and M-1 of dead prez (to name a few), plus innumerable freestyles on radio stations, compilations and broadcast television-shows, GOD BLESS has maintained a presence in the music industry and has made a positive impact in the streets. His music has found ways to test hip-hop boundaries by challenging standard song-formats and concepts. His highly-anticipated mix tape titled "One Nation Under GOD", hosted by DJ REROK has created a lot of noise and could pivot him to become one of the next "Influential artists" on the scene.


At the age of twenty-one this Brooklyn MC had already toured most major cities in the United states of America with the likes of Saigon, Maino and Littles of Best Of The Block Ent. His debut 12" on Chamillionare's 100 Proof Compilation debuted at number 6 on several underground hip-hop charts in the U.S.

Has also toured with Dead Prez and the Byrd Gang.

Albums and mixtapes

Bless has released one studio album as well as over 16 mixtape projects in collaboration with Universal Records and Koch Distribution. He has recorded with Tru-Life of Rocafella Records, Saigon of Atlantic Records, Pitch Black of Universal Records and Jim Jone's Byrd Gang to name a Few.

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