Black P. Stones

The Black P. Stones, originally Blackstone Rangers, are a gang that formed in the area of Blackstone Avenue and Sixty-sixth Place in the Woodlawn area of the South Side of Chicago. In later years, a quasi-Islamic faction of the gang emerged, naming themselves the El Rukn tribe of the Moorish Science Temple in America (or simply El Rukns), under their 'religious leader' and Blackstone Rangers founder Abdullah-Malik (born Jeff Fort). The BPSN has managed to finance itself through a wide array of criminal activities and are also part of the large Chicago-based gang alliance known as the People Nation.

The Black P. Stones' main rivals are the Gangster Disciples aka Bricks, and to a lesser degree, the Black Disciples aka B.D.N. They are rivals to all rakes Nation gangs, white supremacist groups, such as the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Brotherhood, and white power skinheads. Their allies are the Vice Lords, Latin Kings and other People Nation Gangs, Black Separatist Groups, Zulu Nation, Five Percenters, the Bloods soowooo, the North Side Gang, the Chicago Outfit. There are 7 BPS branches in Chicago: Gangster Stones, Jet Black Stones, Rubinite Stones, Familia Stones, Puerto Rican Stones, Corner Stones, and Black P. Stones. Each branch has many factions.


Black P Stones have a heavy presence and strongholds throughout many American urban areas. Besides their home base in Chicago, members can be found in Milwaukee, Los Angeles, Moreno Valley, New York, Rochester, Sacramento, Springfield, Albany, Jackson, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Baltimore, Birmingham, Cleveland, Memphis, Newark, Oakland, Denver, Fargo, Biloxi, Mobile, Phoenix, Boston, Bangor, Louisiana, Little Rock, St.Louis, Minneapolis, Maryland, Philadelphia, and Utah. a


The ABPSN was originally founded between 1961 and 1963 as the Blackstone Rangers in St. Charles Institution for troubled youth by Jeff Fort and Eugene Hairston for Black youth in the Woodlawn area of South Chicago to fight against White street gangs. By the mid-1960s, when Fort began to lead the organization and changed the name to Black P. Stone Nation, they had become one of the most dangerous and powerful gangs in Chicago. Fort transformed BPS into a black nationalistic group, but still involved the gang in street crime and drugs as well as community development.

BPSN founding member Eugene Hairston was incarcerated on drug charges on June 6, 1966, and Fort was arrested in March 1972 for mismanagement of government grants which totaled $927,000 from the U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity. Fort was released in the early 1980s, but was later re-incarcerated on drug charges. Following meetings during 1986 with Libyan operatives from Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi , Fort was charged with buying weapons to commit terrorist acts on behalf of the Libyan government after he converted to Islam and gave the gang an Islamic doctrine. This was not the earliest charge of Islamic terrorism in the United States coming 9 years after the militant Muslim takeover of the Bnai Brith offices in Washington D.C. on March 9, 1977. Today, although Fort (referred to as Caliph Abdul-Malik) continues to have considerable influence over the BPSN from prison, the various Black Stones splinter groups suffer from rampant infighting, as there is no longer a clear leader. Two splinter groups formed among supporters of early BPSN leaders: the Mickey Cobras, who were supporters of Mickey Cogwell and the Titanic Stones, who were supporters of Eugene Hairston. Cogwell and Hairston are now deceased.

Moorish Science Identification

There is a strong pseudo-Islamic foundation within the Black P. Stone Nation which can be attributed to the Moorish Science Temple of America. BPS first started to embrace the Moorish Temple in the late 1970s when Jeff Fort was released from prison. Jeff Fort changed his name to Khalifa Abdullah Malik, then converted Black P. Stone to El Rukn. El Rukn adopted their principles from the Moorish Science Temple of America which was the forerunner of Black Muslim groups such as the Nation of Islam and the Five Percenters. They also were greatly inspired by the historic Black African Moors, Muslims from Northern and Western Africa who conquered most of the Iberian Peninsula in the Middle Ages. The Moorish Science Temple and the form of address between members, "Mo", is an allusion to this African Muslim heritage. Even though, Jeff Fort and El Rukn created the so-called Islamic base for BPS, nowadays, it is not as solid. Although a significant amount of Stones identify themselves as Muslims, their belief system and ideologies are unidentifiable with Islamic belief. Many Chicago based and influenced BPS in the Midwest, on the East, and in the South embrace an "Islamic" identity, but many do not, especially BPS Bloods/Black Stone West. BPS Bloods/Black Stone West do not embrace the Moorish beliefs because during the time that they were started in 1969, BPS in Chicago were not even thinking about the Moorish Science Temple (MST). Also when Jeff Fort started El Rukn he only limited it to Black P. Stones in Chicago. But a few have accepted the MST doctrine, but very few have accepted the Moorish doctrines of El Rukn like the founder of Black Stone West; T. Rodgers. Black Stone West are not the only BPS set who mostly don't accept Islam.

When Jeff Fort formed El Rukn, a lot members left with Hairston and became renegades. Thus a few sets like the Titanic Stones who supports Hairston don't embrace MST. The acceptance of MST is not just confined to BPS sets but to individual members. For example, most Stones in the South don't personally acknowledge Islam, but many on the East do, and in Chicago, more than a quarter of BPS are MST members, and the rest just simply study it whereas most BPS members in California pay little to no attention to MST.

BPS Bloods

The only two main types of BPS, the Moorish Islamic Chicago based People Nation mob and the Renegade type BPS sets that they consider renegades because they don't go by the Jeff They still go by Eugene and Mickey Cogwell original ways but many talks are in progress.

Although some people believe that BPS Bloods is Stones that is not true. It all started in 1969, when T.Rodgers, moved with his family to the West Adams/Mid City area of West Los Angeles. During this time in Los Angeles there was a dramatic increase in Black street gang activity after the fall of the Black Power due to the tactics of the Federal Government and law enforcement. As a result of being vulnerable to gang intimidation, T. Rodgers never contact Jeff Fort and the Main 21 (The leadership council of BPS) so he could get permission to start a chapter of BPS in California and it was never approved. They first started as an honest young community organization that defended their community from violent street gangs such as the Crips but, soon as they began to gain a reputation as righteous defenders of their neighborhood, they started warring with Crip sets like the Westside Crips, Rollin'30s Harlem Crips and the Hoover Crips. At the time other gangs were fighting Crips such as Pirus, Brims, Denver Lanes, Athens Park, Bounty Hunters, Mad Swans and others. In 1972, T.Rodgers meet with the leaders from Compton decided with the other gang leaders to form the Bloods. Over time the Black P. Stones became one of the largest and more powerful Black gangs in South Central Los Angeles. The BPS in Los Angeles consists of mainly the Black P. Stones(Bity)and Black P. Stones (Jungles) but all affiliate groups of the Black P. Stone Nation in California are considered extremely violent, both the Black P. Stones (Jungles) and (Bity) have notorious reputations. FBI had even launched an investigation called "Operation Stone Cold" where they arrested the leaders of the gang. They are called BPS Bloods, Black Peace Stones, Black Stone Bloods, Blood Stones, Blood Stone Gang and Black Stone West. Their rivals are most Crip sets, 18th Street, Mara Salvatrucha 13 and a few other Sureno gangs that have hatred for Blacks. The BPS Bloods along with other Bloods sets in the California prisons united to organized the United Blood Nation (Not to be confused with the New York prison gang that created the East Coast Bloods in 1993)and the United Blood Line that are allied to the Black Guerilla Family in the late 1980s.

The Relationship with Chicago based Black P. Stone Nation

Much like other large street gangs there is no connection between BPS in California and BPS in Chicago. T. Rodgers was a young Chicago native and a youth member of BPS there, Some Stones from Chicago don't accept BPS members from California because they aren't members of People Nation. The reason why BPS in California do not have a strong Islamic foundation, are not members of People Nation, because, they were started in 1969 and align with the Bloods in 1972. That was before BPS in Chicago became Muslims under the name El Rukn and before they became apart of and started People Nation under Jeff Fort between 1975 - 1980. But nonetheless BPS in California is considered renegade by some Stones in Chicago along with other groups that have branched off from BPS such as the Titanic Stones and Mickey Cobras. Also there are no People nor Folks mobs in California so BPS members are Bloods in contrast to BPS in Chicago who are People Nation where there are no Blood or Crip sets. Although T. Rodgers has accepted the doctrines of the original BPS in Chicago but, the rest of BPS in California have not and will not because that is not a part of California street gang culture.


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