BlackGirl was a successful R&B/dance vocal trio consisting of Pam Copeland, Nycolia "Tye-V" Turman and Rochelle Stuart from Atlanta, that formed in 1992 on the Kaper/RCA/BMG label, like other R&B acts Eric West and Questionmark Asylum.

BlackGirl released their debut album in 1994 titled Treat U Right, the LP went Gold (for sales of 500,000 copies in the US), and reached the Top 50 of Billboard 200. The groups first single "Krazy", reached #37 on the Billboard charts, the single spent 15 weeks in the Top 100, but it was its follow up that took BlackGirl into the Top 20 of the US charts, the Teddy Riley produced single asserts itself as a posse of renegade women who will not succumb to the sexism their moms and sisters did, the single "90's Girl" reached #13 and spent 20 weeks in The Top 100 (it also became one of 1994's biggest R&B singles according to Billboard Magazine), the albums third single, was a Daryl Simmons-produced ballad, drastically reworked from the original album version "Where Did We Go Wrong", the groups third Top 40 hit, spent 20 weeks in the Top 100 as did "90's Girl".

After scoring 3 Top 40 hits on the Billboard charts, and becoming one of R&B's top female groups, Blackgirl appeared in a TV spot for Chrysler, singing special lyrics to their hit single, "90s Girl", they then joined R&B star R. Kelly for a six-week tour.

Late 1994 the group released the holiday single "Give Love On Christmas Day"/"Christmas Time", the single didn't sell well though it did make the Billboard bubbling under sales list. The group then teamed up with Aaliyah, En Vogue, Mary J. Blige, Vanessa Williams, For Real, and SWV for the single "Freedom" from the movie Panther. The single became BlackGirl's 4th Top 40 single, when it hit #18 within weeks.

Towards the end of 1994, BlackGirl earned two Billboard Music Award nominations for Top R&B Group, and Top R&B New Artist. On March 3rd 1995, BlackGirl released their version of the soul classic "Let's Do It Again". Written by Curtis Mayfield, the Staple Singers' version of the song went to No. 1 on Billboard's Top 100 back in 1975, with a '90s hip-hop-flavored version BlackGirl managed to once again make the Billboard Top 40, the single hit #25 in 1995.

Summer 1995, BlackGirl earned two Soul Train Award nominations, one for Single Of The Year (By A Group, Band Or Duo) for "Let's Do It Again" and Album Of The Year (By A Group, Band Or Duo) for Treat U Right. They then released 90's Girl in the UK, the song was a Top 10 success on the R&B chart, and reached #23 on the UK Pop chart. The group appeared on the single "Hey, Look Away" by Questionmark Asylum in late 1995, the single flopped when it reached the lower 50's on Billboard's Top 100.

In 1996 the group deciced to break up, some of the members went on to work with the likes of Janet Jackson, Toni Braxton and Jermaine Jackson. After the break up Nycolia went on to write, or record back up vocals for Pink, Deborah Cox, Case, Toni Braxton and Will Smith.



Album information
Treat U Right

  • Released: May, 1994
  • Chart Peak: #47 US
  • Last RIAA Description: Gold
  • Singles: "Krazy", "90's Girl", "Where Did We Go Wrong", "Let's Do It Again"
  • Worldwide sales: 2 million copies

Evolution Of BlackGirl

  • Released: Never released 1996
  • Chart peak: n/a
  • Worldwide sales: n/a
  • Album info: BlackGirl finished work on a follow up to Treat U Right. Evolution of BlackGirl was never released. Though a promo copy of the album has made it to internet


Year Title Album U.S. Hot 100 U.S. R&B U.K. U.K. R&B Japan

1994 "Krazy" Treat U Right 91 37 - - 76
1994 "90's Girl" Treat U Right 71 13 23 7 7
1994 "Where Did We Go Wrong" Treat U Right 118 39 - - 36
1994 "Give Love on Christmas Day/Christmas Time" - - - - -
1995 "Let's Do It Again" Treat U Right 113 25 - - 20
1995 "Freedom" ** Panther (Soundtrack) 45 18 - - 6
1995 "Hey, Look Away" - 56 - - 80

Awards & nominations

Year Award
1994 Billboard Music Award nomination for Top R&B Group (Female).
1994 Billboard Music Award nomination for Top R&B New Artist.
1995 Soul Train Music Award nomination for Single Of The Year (By A Group, Band Or Duo) for "Let's Do It Again".
1995 Soul Train Music Award nomination for Album Of The Year (By A Group, Band Or Duo) for Treat U Right.

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