Bill Goldberg (social worker)

Bill Goldberg] is a social worker and researcher of cults. He has a private practice and counsels families of alleged cult members. Goldberg also works for the Rockland County, New York Department of Mental Health - he directs three out-patient programs.

Goldberg has been invited to testify before several state legislatures on regulations affecting residents of Adult Homes as well as on cult-related matters. He has testified before The New York State Assembly Committee on Child Care, The New York State Social Service Committee, The New Jersey State Assembly Judiciary Committee, and the Connecticut State Judiciary Committee.

Goldberg has appeared as an expert commentator on The ABC News, The Sally Jesse Raphael Show, the John Mc Laughlin Show, MSNBC and The Geraldo Rivera Show.

With his wife Lorna Goldberg, Mr. Goldberg has co-led a support group for what they regard as ex-cult members for over 25 years.

In 1999, Bill and Lorna Golberg were awarded the Leo J. Ryan Award, from the Leo J. Ryan Education Foundation Together, they wrote the article: "Group work with former cultists", which was published in Social Work (journal). This article has been cited by other academicians in scholarly journals, including: Louis Jolyon West., Doni P. Whitsett, Michael Langone, and John Gordon Clark., Irene Gasde, and Richard A. Block, , a report prepared for Boston University’s Danielsen Institute, Kevin A. Harris.



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