Bhadriraju Krishnamurti

Bhadriraju Krishnamurti (IAST: ) (June 19, 1928 - ) is an eminent Dravidianist and the most respected Indian linguist of his generation. He was a former Vice Chancellor of the Hyderabad Central University (1986-93) and was a professor of linguistics at the Ddepartment of Linguistics at the Osmania University (1962-86), which he also founded. His magnum opus The Dravidian Languages is considered a landmark volume in the study of Dravidian linguistics. He was a student and a close associate of Prof. Emeneau.

Contribution to linguistics

Krishnamurti is considered one of the pioneers in the study of comparative linguistics of the Dravidian languages. His thesis 'Telugu Verbal Bases' (1961) is considered a milestone in the study of south-central Dravidian languages. His comprehensive grammar on or Kūbi is a monumental work in the area of non-literary Dravidian languages. His research was devoted to the central problems of phonology and morphology/syntax of Dravidian, and he made significant contributions in advancing our knowledge of comparative and historical Dravidian studies in the second half of the twentieth century. His Comparative Dravidian linguistics: Current perspectives is a collection of twenty-one important articles published during the period 1955–1998, which provided outstanding solutions to many outstanding problems of Dravidian linguistics.

Major publications

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Telugu Books

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