Benedetto Varchi

Benedetto Varchi (1502/1503 - 1565) was an Italian historian and poet.

He was a protégé of Filippo Strozzi and Cosimo de' Medici. He fought in the defense of his native city, Florence, during the siege by the Mediceans and imperialists in 1530, and was exiled after the surrender of the city. In 1536 he took part in Piero Strozzi's unsuccessful expedition against Medicean rule, but seven years later he was called back to Florence by Cosimo I who commissioned him to write the history of Florence. who gave him a pension and commissioned him to write a history of the city. His Storia fiorentina (16 vol.) covers the period from 1527 to 1538 and covers the period from 1527 to 1538 and is of high quality. Varchi also wrote a number of plays, poems, dialogues and translations from the classics. His history, in sixteen books, was first published in Florence in 1721.




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