Battle Creek River

The Battle Creek River, is a river in the U.S. state of Michigan. The Battle Creek is a tributary of the Kalamazoo River and flows into that river at Battle Creek, Michigan.

The river's drainage basin is approximately 196,750 acres (307 sq. mi.) and covers northern Calhoun County, southern Eaton County, and southeastern Barry County in southwest Michigan. The headwaters of the Battle Creek River begin in Duck Lake in Clarence Township in northeast Calhoun County and flows north through the city of Charlotte, then flows southeast through the village of Bellevue and empties into the Kalamazoo River at the city of Battle Creek. Tributaries of the Battle Creek River include Wanadoga Creek, Ellis Creek, Crooked Brook, Goose Creek, Ackley Creek, Indian Creek, and Big Creek. The river is 54.5 miles long with an average gradient of 1.25 feet/mile.

The river's name, according to local lore, was given after a survey party, led by Col. John Mullet, engaged in hostilities with some local Native Americans in the winter of 1823-24.


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