Bank Jacob Safra Switzerland

Bank Jacob Safra (Suisse) AG is a full-service commercial banking institution headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland. It is also present in Zurich, Lugano, Gibraltar and Monaco, reinforcing the traditionally solid presence of Safra in Europe. Bank Jacob Safra focuses in the advantages of the local business environment and a safe port for investment, given the country's rigorous supervision of capital adequacy and strict banking secrecy laws. The majority of its operations are comprised of structured financial services and Private Wealth Management.

Bank Jacob Safra Switzerland is part of the Safra Group of financial institutions.


Bank Jacob Safra Switzerland's flagship product is its account officers, a team of multilingual and highly experienced professionals chosen mostly from the Swiss financial market. The Bank serves high-net-worth individuals, large businesses, and international corporations through its multiple branches in Geneva and Zurich and subsidiaries in Monaco and Lugano. In addition to wealth management, the bank also performs brokerage services, bond trading, lease financing, and correspondent banking.


Committed to Safra's philosophy of safeguarding and expanding clients' wealth, a conservative approach is highly regarded. From its inception, Bank Jacob Safra has acquired a historical landmark in Paradeplatz to serve as the main office in Zurich. This is a prime example of its commitment to preservation of important historical sites and servicing the community.

History and Performance

The Safra family has been a notable and respected force in the Swiss banking community since the 1950's but has been present for over a century. In 1956, Jacob Safra, picked Geneva as the headquarters of the family banking enterprise. Bank Jacob Safra entered as the new generation of Safra institutions reinforcing its traditionally solid presence in Switzerland. Named after Jacob Safra, the patriarch, this relatively young bank started its operations through the acquisition of Uto Bank AG in June 2000. It started committed to the Safra's strategy of safeguarding wealth and emphasizing conservative managed growth and grew to 15 billion CHF of assets under management in under 6 years. In February 2006, Bank Jacob Safra expanded its operations in Monaco through the acquisition of Banque du Gothard (Monaco) bringing it to $17.2 billion CHF in assets under management.

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