Baby, I'm Back

Baby, I'm Back is an American sitcom that premiered January 30, 1978 on CBS, and abruptly cancelled on April 17, 1978 midway through its first season, due to poor ratings. This sitcom starred Demond Wilson and Denise Nicholas.


When Raymond Ellis and Olivia Ellis separate after seven years of marriage, Ray abandons the family (his wife, seven-year-old son Jordan, and two-year-old daughter Angie) and heads to California. While in California, Ray finds out that his wife plans to remarry to Colonel Wallace Dickey, and that he has been declared legally dead. This prompts him to move back to Washington, D.C., where he tries to win back Olivia by proving he is a better husband, and a better father to his kids, and to prove that he is still legally alive. However, he now has to contend with his mother-in-law Luzelle and Olivia's soon to be husband Col. Dickey.


The series was short lived but BET showed reruns in the early-1990s. It has not been rerun since.

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