B.T. Express

B.T. Express (originally named Brooklyn Trucking Express) was a funk/disco group that had a number of hits in the 1970s.


Members of the group included vocalist Barbara Joyce Lomas, brothers Louis and Bill Risbrook, Richard Thompson, lead guitar/vocals Wesley Pike Hall, Jr., Carlos Ward and Dennis Rowe. Michael Jones, a keyboardist in the band from 1976–1979, later went solo and recorded under the name Kashif; he had several R&B hits in the 1980s.

B.T. Express were signed in 1974 by internationally known pop artist and music industry veteran Sid Maurer, and former Epic Records promotion man Fred Frank, who were launching their new record label, Roadshow Records. The first record they released was their #2 Billboard Hot 100 song from 1974 "Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)" (which also hit #1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart), as well as its follow-up, "Express", (Hot 100 #4).


  • Do It ('Til You're Satisfied) (1974) RB#1, U.S.#5
  • Non-Stop (1975) RB#1, U.S.#19
  • Close to You (1976) RB#31, U.S.#82
  • Energy to Burn (1976) RB#11, U.S.#43
  • Function at the Junction (1977) RB#39, U.S.#111
  • Funky Music (1977)
  • Shout (1978) RB#16, U.S.#67
  • B.T. Express (1980) RB#29, U.S.#164
  • Keep It Up (1981) RB#49


  • "Do It ('Til You're Satisfied)" (1974) R&B #1 U.S.#2
  • "Express" (1975) R&B #1 U.S. #4
  • "Peace Pipe" (1975) R&B #5 U.S. #31
  • "Give It What You Got" (1975) R&B #5 U.S. #40
  • "Shout It Out" (1977) R&B #12
  • "Give Up the Funk (Let's Dance)" (1980) R&B #24
  • "B.T.I.T." (1981)

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