Azerbaijan State Agricultural Academy

Azerbaijan State Agricultural Academy (Azərbaycan Kənd Təsərrüfat Akademiyası, literally "Azerbaijan Village Agriculture Academy"), also referred to as the Azerbaijan Agricultural Academy (Az. AA), is a public university located in Ganja, Azerbaijan. The university has eight schools, 3830 students and 560 faculty members. In addition, there is a teaching site in Gazakh with nearly 500 correspondent students.


Azerbaijan State Agricultural Academy traces its history to the Baku Polytechnical Institute's Department of Agriculture, which was established on November 14, 1920. Originally located in Baku, the school was original formed in 1920 after the invasion of the Red Army and the establishment of the fledgling Azerbaijan SSR. The new government decreed that the previous technical school, Baku Polytechnicum, would close and be replaced by Baku Polytechnical Institute, a more traditional polytechnic institute. The new school focused on training engineers in a a broad range of industries: agriculture, civil engineering, electromechanical, economics and oil. The new school went through many name changes over the years as its emphasis changed to meet the needs of Azerbaijan. In 1923 the school changed its name to Azerbaijan Polytechnical Institute. In March 1929, the Azerbaijan Communist Party decreed that the school be split into three independent schools covering agriculture, economics and oil.

Today the university is the only state school in Azerbaijan that offers a university-level degree for the agricultural sector.

Note: Ex-rector, Mr. Məmmədtağı İbrahim oğlu Cəfərov has recently died.

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