Axis & Allies Miniatures

Item Rulebook Actual
Soldier 15mm
Vehicle ~1:150 and 1:100
Aircraft 1/240 ??
2" hex 100m (1:2000)
3" hex 100m (1:1800)
Ships and Submarines 1/1800
Aircraft 1/900

Axis & Allies Miniatures is a miniature war-gaming system including both a rule set and a line of collectible miniatures. The game is set in the World War II era with units representing individual vehicles and artillery or squads of infantry. The system was first released in 2005 and is currently produced by Avalon Hill, a division of the game company Wizards of the Coast, which itself is a subsidiary of Hasbro. There are two versions of the game:

Aimed at the collectible miniatures game market, the title Axis & Allies drew on that game's historic strength and notoriety. However, the miniature game bears little resemblance to the widely sold board games and other Axis & Allies items. Instead of a game of grand strategy, the miniatures game focuses on the tactical battle, with units fielded on either side of the battle being rarely greater than a company. Individual models are representative of a squad of infantry, infantry weapon team, artillery piece, vehicle, or aircraft. Each piece is assigned a point value so that balanced matches can be constructed. Tournament play is typically done with 100 points per side, with infantry units usually having values of fewer than 10 points each and vehicles from 10 to 50 or more based on relative strengths. Scenarios may alter these numbers or otherwise determine the constitution of each side. The map board consists of 2" (5 cm) hexes, with different terrain types represented within. Most set-ups are fewer than 20 hexes in either dimension. Combat resolution is done by rolling pools of standard six-sided dice.

The initial release included a broad range of units for Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, with a more limited set for Japan and the Soviet Union. A few units were included of French and Italian forces. The second set added Nationalist China, Poland, and Romania to the mix, while the third set adds a single Australian unit.

Compatible maps

The old map-boards for Squad Leader/ASL and the game-board from Memoir '44 are also drawn with 2" hexes, and can be used as maps for A&A Miniatures. In addition the Memoir '44 game, and its expansions, have hex-tiles that can be used to change the board (adding roads, rail-lines, and rivers as desired). also now out in the expanded rules expansion pack which include much larger maps and three inch hexes instead of the basic two inch maps


  • Base Set: Basic set of 48 models, released in the fall of 2005 with both a starter and booster package available
  • Set II: First expansion set of 45 models, released near the end of 2005 as boosters only. Added Nationalist China, Poland, and Romania, as well as new elements such as snipers and paratroops
  • Contested Skies: Second expansion set of 45 models, released on 2006-03-24 witnessed the addition of aircraft and air defenses, as well as adding a single Australian unit.
  • D-Day: Third expansion of 45 models, released on June 6, 2006. Added obstacles to the mix, as well as Canadian troops.
  • Reserves: Fourth expansion set of 45 models, released on November 10, 2006, adding Support and Hungarian Units.
  • Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures: War at Sea: Set of 64 models, a standalone game in its own right and not an expansion of the Base Set. Release date March 16, 2007, Features ships, subs and aircraft from UK, USA, France, Australia, Germany, Italy and Japan
  • Expanded Rules:Expanded basic rule book , released on July 18th 2007
  • 1939-45 set of 60 models,released on October 26th,2007. Mainly an "errata" expansion: Recosted multiples units and changed others slightly. No brand new unit.
  • North Africa 1940-1943 set of 60 models, March 28th,2008. Adding commander vehicles and trucks and adding Greek Units.
  • North Africa 1940-1943: Map Guide Set of desert maps and missions, the overleaf of these maps is jungle terrain for use in Pacific scenario.
  • War at sea: TASK FORCE set of 60 models, en expansion for the "War at Sea" standalone game, July 25th, 2008. Adding Canadians & Dutch Ships.
  • Eastern Front 1941-1945 set of 60 models, October 14th, 2008. Adding Finnish units.
  • Eastern Front 1941-1945: Map Guide set of Eastern Front maps, October 14th, 2008.
  • Italy and the Balkans 1943-1945 set of 60 models, March 10th, 2009.

Units represented


  • Ground set
    • Australian Officer (North Africa;Commander;Uncommon)
    • Owen SMG (North Africa;Soldier;Uncommon)
    • Veteran SMLE Riflemen (Contested Skies; Infantry squad;Common)
    • Naval set
    • HMASArunta(Task Force,Destroyer,Common)
    • HMAS Canberra (War at Sea; Cruiser; Rare)
    • HMAS Sydney (War at Sea; Cruiser; Uncommon)


  • Ground set
    • Canadian infantrymen (D-Day and 1939-1945; Infantry squad;Common)
    • Eagle-Eyed NCO (D-Day and 1939-1945 set; Commander;Uncommon)
    • Entrenched Antitank gun (Reserves;Anti-Tank;Common)
    • Intrepid Hero (Reserves;Infantry;uncommon)
    • Sherman DD (D-Day; Tank;Rare)
    • Sherman VC 17-Pounder (1939-1945;Tank;Rare)
  • Naval set

Nationalist China





  • Ground Set
    • Greek Officer(North Africa,Commander,Uncommon)
    • Greek Soldier(North Africa,Infantry Squad,Common)







  • Ground Set
    • Antitank Grenadier (Set II; Infantry ;Common)
    • Bohler 47 mm Antitank Gun (Contested Skies;Anti-tank Gun;Uncommon)
    • R-2 LT-35 (Set II; Tank; Rare)
    • Vigilant Lieutenant (Contested Skies; Commander;Uncommon)

Soviet Union

United Kingdom

United States

Obstacles and Support Units

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