Axiology (album)

Axiology is the second album by Thanatopsis, featuring Buckethead, Travis Dickerson and Ramy Antoun. This album took a different direction from the first one, leaning more towards melancholy songs than they did before.

According to Travis Dickerson:

This recording is not Thanatopsis II. After the first CD, Buckethead and I became interested in exploring some more melancholy and melodic ideas; they are represented here by tracks like Nostrum, New Year and Cult of One. Even Axiology and Top of the World probably would not have fit on the first record although several of the tracks here would have. Now I don't mean to say we are about to bring out the bubble blowing machine but I do want to mention that between the first CD and this one we took a couple of left turns and this CD is the result, we hope you enjoy it.

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