Avi Ran

Avi Ran (August 25 1963 - July 11, 1987) was a goalkeeper at the Israeli football club Maccabi Haifa. Widely considered one of the greatest football players in Israel, he had a promising future which was cut short by a fatal accident.

Football career

  • Won 2 championships with Maccabi Haifa.
  • Conceded only 18 goals in the 1985-86 season, the lowest in Maccabi Haifa's history.
  • Won Maariv's 1986 "footballer of the year" award (i.e. the MVP of the season).
  • Was goalkeeper of the Israeli national team.

Fatal accident

On 11 July 1987, Ran was killed on the "Guy" beach in Tiberias when he was hit by a passing racing boat whilst Maccabi Haifa were celebrating their championship in the Sea of Galilee. 14,000 people attended Ran's funeral.

Career statistics

|- |1981-82||rowspan="6"|Maccabi Haifa||rowspan="6"|Liga Leumit||30||0|||||||||||||||| |- |1982-83||30||0|||||||||||||||| |- |1983-84||30||0|||||||||||||||| |- |1984-85||25||0|||||||||||||||| |- |1985-86||10||0|||||||||||||||| |- |1986-87||20||0||||||||||||||||145||0||||||||||||||||145||0|||||||||||||||| |}

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