Averatec is a low-cost laptop computer manufacturer based in Orange County, California. Founded in 1984 as Sotec, it promoted low-cost PCs manufactured in Taiwan. In the early 2000s the company renamed itself as Averatec. They have operations in North America, Europe, Taiwan and South Korea.

North American laptop models come with 10.6, 11.1, 12.1, 13.3, 15.4 or 17 inch displays. They offer a wide variety of processors such as Intel Centrino, AMD Turion 64, AMD Sempron, or AMD Athlon XP-M. Their systems are produced in China and Korea.

All of their laptops are rebranded from other companies. For instance, their 1000/1500 series is a rebadged Twinhead F10D/F11Y and their 2100 series is a rebadged Micro-Star International 1013 (sold as a barebones notebook).

In August 2006, they released a portable GPS unit called the Voya 350.

In late May 2007, the company released the 2301 and 1579 models preloaded with Windows Vista in North America.

In 2008, Averatec became a label of TriGem, a Korean company.

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