This article is about the German science fiction character. Other fictional characters bearing the name "Altan" include a wizard who inhabitants Atlantis in DC Comics publications and a sentient dolphin with mystical powers appearing in Marvel Comics publications. See Atlan (DC Comics) and Conspiracy (comics) respectively.

Atlan (full name Atlan da Gonozal) is a fictional character appearing in the German science fiction book series, Perry Rhodan. In the series, Atlan is the oldest friend of the lead character, Perry Rhodan. In February, 1969 he received his own series, which was published until 1988. A new Atlan series appeared from May 2004 to August 2006. Five of these stories have been translated into English. The novels provides an in-depth exploration of the culture of the Arkonides and of the biography of Atlan, who founded Atlantis when he was stationed on Earth.

Atlan first appeared in Rhodan issue #50 in the year 2040 of the series. Later, in PR issue #150, which began in the year 2326, under Atlan's leadership, the United Stars Organization (USO) was formed.

Arkon, the homeworld of the Arkonides and the heart of the Great Imperium is located in Globular Cluster M13. There, an enormous computer called the Robot Regent ruled the empire. Over the centuries, the Arkonides had degenerated and grown weak, and were no longer able to rule over their mighty interstellar empire themselves.

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